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The Nashite Cauldron of Pain
Led By Asia
Created 1999
Disbanded 2001
Alignment Evil
Future Immortal Followers Kerriariadne
Ordained Mortals Gabriel
Allies All Nashite Followings
Enemies All Non-Nashite Followings

Following Description / FINFO:


This is NOT a complete list. Many of the names below are those of individuals who self-identified as being a member of Cauldron of Pain on the Nashite Registry. This information has not been verified by Asia or the player.
Aggamemnon, Aram, Armalag Blackflame, Blackstar, Dalaran, Dimitri, Felonarch, Fight, Finstis, Goldenboy Esteban, Gruntt Elfbeater, Isoto, Jet, Judgement, Kerriariadne, Kildarein, Ladyred, Lunatic, Lyim Rhistadt, Morimox Beoluve, Paython, Poison, Revenant, Saroth, Shiva Edeneye, Spiros, Syletta, Symon, TorenGhul, Valamir, Vorax, Winter, Xcalibur, Zedar, Zeks, Zinda,

Requirements for Entry

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