Flying Tigers

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The Flying Tigers
Led By Lorna
Holy Symbol a tiger's feather
Alignment Good
Future Immortal Followers Tripper
Ordained Mortals Tripper
Abender Stormreaver
Temple The Temple of Lorna

Temple Key: a tiger's claw
Temple Altar: A gleaming statue of a winged tiger rises up in nobility.

Following Description / FINFO:


Tiger Roll Call Feb 03 1999 (original source, Lorna's following webpages)

Tiger Roll Call Feb 17 1997 (original source, Lorna's following webpages)

Requirements for Entry

From following webpages:

For those of you who might be interested in joining the Tigers, here are the basics:

You must be effective 11th level to join the Tigers. (11th level single class, or 9/6 or 10/3 dualled)

You must talk to either a High Council member (there is a list on the Tiger Roll Call) or Lorna, for an interview.

Depending on the interview, your level, and your goals, additional tasks, such as a quest, may be required for entry into the following.

Lorna's rules may be found in her temple, which is on the upper level of the temple zone, on the east side. Once inside the temple, LOOK SIGN to find out how to read the rules.

The best way to get more detailed information than is given here or in Lorna's temple, or to get your questions answered, is to ASK. Find and ask either a Tiger or Lorna. Many of them are often invisible, so if you don't see one, ask on gossip if any are on and will speak with you. Only ask once or twice, though, it starts to annoy other players if you ask repeatedly.

Additional Notes