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The Dawnbringers
AKA: "Blue Arcanes"
Led By Torchbearer
Holy Symbol a torch to forever light the way
Alignment Good
PK Model Sentry
Future Immortal Followers DarkClaw
Ordained Mortals Jasmine
Temple A Hidden Meadow

* Torchbearer had two followings, the Arcanes and the Dawnbringers. It is unknown which following Jasmine and Jet served in - they are listed in both, until clarification is available.

Following Description / FINFO:

12/08/01: Torchbearer, leader of the Dawn Bringers, Demipower of the Sentry.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Good.

The followings of Morimox, Tripper, Robert, Cordir, Tamar are considered allies.
The followings of Kim, Molo, Whitehawk, Vorax, Kerriariadne, Bliss are considered enemies.

Followers may not attack one another

The Dawn Bringers of Virtue follow teachings based upon the principles
of JohnPaul, Pope of Holy Virtue, and the lessons learned from the angelic
holy war between Torchbearer and the Plane of Heavenly Virtue. Followers of
the Dawn embrace the virtues of faith, charity, hope, prudence, justice,
temperance, and fortitude to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

Torchbearer has ordained the Priests of Dawn to watch over His worshippers
and their allies. The priesthood is a central focus of Fate's divine plan for
Seraph Torchbearer, and its tenants will prove challenging to even the greatest
of the realm's clerics.


Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes

  • While the coded alignment selected by Torchbearer for the Dawn Bringers was "Good," their actions often were anything but. Anger over the actions of the Dawn Bringers rose repeatedly, oftentimes on gossip: Dawnbringer = Evil
  • One heavily debated incident involved a Dawnbringer sacrificing the corpse of Nyx (Ordained of the Chosen of Fate), rather than allow it to be CR'd.
  • While the Chosen of Fate were listed as allies of the Dawnbringers, in action, they were anything but.
  • It was a regular practice of the Dawnbringers to put 'Fate' in their titles, attempting to deceive others into trusting them and simply to irritate Cordir. (As a result, many Chosen put Cordir's name in her title, to distinguish them from the deceptive Dawnbringers, something mud rules forbade the Dawnbringers to do.) After one such deception resulted in a low-level character's death, Bliss took action, naming the entire following, 'Condemned':

Bliss: ** Public Notice of Condemnation **
Sun Dec 16 23:48:06 2001
To: all
Please take notice that effective immediately, the imposters in the Dawn Bringers, those that seek to mock the Chosen of Fate with their false titles and deceive the allies of Fate, are hereby CONDEMNED.
Condemnation proceedings shall be initiated by the Coven and shall continue until such time as the imposters remove any reference to Lady Cordir and her following from their titles and/or descriptions. Such deception is harmful to the Coven, its allies, and all who seek aid and assistance from the true Chosen of Fate.
Bliss, Goddess of the Ashen Moon
Ally of Lady Cordir and her Chosen of Fate