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The Arcanes
Led By Torchbearer
Holy Symbol Wings of the Seraph.
Alignment Evil
Attendants BeelzeBub (10/99)
Tripper (03/99)
Temple Torchbearer's Temple

Following Description / FINFO:


Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes

  • At one point, the Arcanes obtained the corpse of Ptarchyzk, a single class, unaligned thief of some reknown. Torchbearer offered a deal: Worship me, and get your corpse back. Ptarchyzk was enraged. He then spent the next several months relentlessly info'ing every member of the Arcanes who came online, and relayed their location to anyone who would hunt them. While it was not confirmed, it was strongly rumored at the time that Ptarchyzk's determined crusade against the Arcanes was one contributing factor to the following's end.