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Created Early 1997
Status Retired
Retired December 30, 1999
Race Half-Elf
Hometown Half-Elf Camp
Classes Mage
Followed Khore

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Hel [ Wa: 1 Ma:16. .. . ] Combee a Vampire. -{KoD}-                             March 14, 1997 
Hel [    Wa:12 Ma:15    ] Combee, fanged mage.  {Kindred}                       January, 1998
Hel [    Wa:19 Ma:22    ] Combee, Mage of the Kindred                           May 25, 1998
Hel [    Wa:19 Ma:22    ] Combee back from the grave and ready to score.  Kin   May 28, 1998
Hel [   Servus Noctum   ] Combee Ordained in Blood.  {Kindred}                  May 28, 1998
Hel [   Servus Noctis   ] Combee is probably in a silenced room.  {Kindred}     June 6, 1998
Hel [   Servus Noctis   ] Combee: Fangs, get some. {Kindred}                    (Toku promotion)
Hel [   Servus Noctis   ] Combee returns from his colorless dreams.  Kindred    October 3, 1998
Hel [   Servus Noctis   ] Combee, {Kindred}                                     October 1998
Hel [    Ma:21 Wa:18    ] Combee, Fanged Mage.  {Kindred}
Hel [    Ma:22 Wa:24    ] Combee.                                               July 5, 1999
Hel [    Ambassador     ] Combee helps the newbies help themselves              August 27, 1999

Character History:


  • Combee is specifically mentioned in the temple of Morimox, Inside the Mouth of a Dragon.
  • Combee is specifically mentioned in the history of Cirth the Pale.
  • Combee is specifically mentioned in the history of Rohan.
  • Combee was one of the attendees at the wedding of Cordir and Deamhan An-Shalach, and dropped this quotable: Combee says, 'does that mean you aren't my handmaiden anymore, Daelin?.'
  • Combee was involved with a quest for 'fang-sheaths' for Corri.

Player Provided Information:

Combee was my roomate my senior year in college. He actually found TFC first, then introduced me. We used to fight over who got to mud from our room and who had to go down to the computer lab. His character name was taken from the College president's last name, who had written a very uninteresting book that was required reading for one of our classes.

Personal Timeline:

  • May 1998: Combee is Ordained by Khore.
  • August 4, 1999: Combee is promoted to Ambassador.
  • December 30, 1999: Tynian announces the retirement of several immortals due to request or inactivity, including Combee.