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Followed Primal

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As you begin to stare, you see that the beautiful creature standing before you is wickedly cute. As you stare into her eyes, you see the sadness and hatred as a result of losing her parents which causes her to be wary of trusting GOODS. You also see her heart is PURE EVIL and driven by the want of REVENGE caused by GOODS. She hates being touched and fondled, and has vowed to kill those who touch her. You also notice she wears a gold necklace, which seems to have 38 small diamonds on it, each with an inscription.

As a young girl she was treated badly. Strangers fondled and touched her without her consent. These actions toward her started her on the path of darkness. As she grew stronger in the face of each new challenge, she found it harder to turn back. Finally, an evil presence came to her rescue one day. From then on she had a heart full of revenge, and nothing would stand in her path. Good presences would try to persuade her mind and heart to change. But, she held to her destiny to show the world...that they created her.

Callisto once followed Primal, Lord of the Watchers. Upon his disappearance she turned to Khore, Lord of the Vampyres. Although she follows a new god and has a new family, she still bares the mark of the Watchers and holds to her old ways.

Inscription on Necklace

Callisto reads the inscription on each of the diamonds that make up her gold necklace.

Level 5 Kills

Musashi (lvl 5) Twiggy (lvl 7) Selee (lvl 5) Geoff (lvl 7)

Level 6 Kills

Jimieipop (lvl 5) (Twice)

Level 7 Kills

Bink (lvl 5) Valin (lvl 7)

Level 8 Kills

Amethyst (lvl 5)

Level 9 Kills

Starlight (lvl 6)

Level 11 Kills

Fry (lvl 11) Level 13 Kills Ynuug (lvl 10)

Level 14 Kills

Sonic (lvl 14) Shocks (lvl 14) StarliteI (lvl 13)

Level 15 Kills

Fergie (lvl 14) Quinn (lvl 14) Vader (lvl 12) Darchon (lvl 16) Relik (lvl 12) Semlock (lvl 13)

Level 16 Kills

Darkmagic (lvl 15)

Level 18 Kills

Wierd (lvl 15) Stalkr (lvl 16) Reaper (lvl 16) Valarus (lvl 16)

Level 19 Kills

Taskar (lvl 21) Alaric (lvl 17) Hector (lvl 17) Humble (lvl 18) Kerouac (lvl 16) Ragnarok (lvl 16) Wiegraf (lvl 16) Kundo (lvl 16) Dragoon (lvl 18) Jellyhead (lvl 16)

Level 22 Kills

Hellraiser (lvl 21) Level 26 Kills Darrin (lvl 19)


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