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Oak (I)
Created 1996
Status Inactive
Retired 1998
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Followed Syla

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Oak is using:
<used as light>      (Glowing) Tweetie Night Light
<worn on finger>     (Magical) black plastic spider ring
<worn on finger>     Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers secret decoder ring
<worn around neck>   (Messy) plastic bib
<worn around neck>   spiked leash
<worn on body>       (Red Aura) a festering sunburn
<worn on head>       twin can beer hat
<worn on legs>       (Magical) Wonder Woman(tm) underroos
<worn on feet>       swelling bunyons
<worn on hands>      Latex Gloves
<worn on arms>       lewd tattoos
<worn about body>    (Magical) a long red cape
<worn about waist>   (Spinning) hoola hoop
<worn around wrist>  (Broken) sawed-through handcuffs
<worn around wrist>  mental ward identification bracelet
<wielded>            Soiled Depends
<held>               rumpled blue blanket

Oak is in perfect health.
Oak is using:

<used as light>      (Weak magic) (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger>     (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn on finger>     (Moderate magic) (Humming) the common alexandrite ring
<worn around neck>   (Weak magic) the glossy sea shell amulet
<worn around neck>   (Moderate magic) the cracked marble amulet
<worn on body>       (Weak magic) a suit of studded leather
<worn on head>       (Weak magic) a studded leather helmet
<worn on legs>       (Moderate magic) (Humming) a pair of leather leggings
<worn on feet>       (Weak magic) a pair of animal hide boots
<worn on arms>       (Moderate magic) the Seal of the Triat
<worn about body>    a scarlet cape
<worn about waist>   (Weak magic) a padded cloth girdle
<worn around wrist>  (Moderate magic) the old pewter bracelet
<worn around wrist>  (Moderate magic) the cracked rock crystal bracelet
<wielded>            (Potent magic) (Humming) a Mourning Star 

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Wa: 1 Ma:15       ] Oak is squooshing your head!                         June 30, 1996
Elf [ Ma:20 Wa:10       ] Oak. <Syla>                                          August 18, 1996
Elf [ Th:21 Ma:27 Wa:22 ] Oak, Grand HooHah of Whatsit                         February 23, 1997
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Oak isn't who you think he is                        (Date unknown)
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Oak scratches you.                                   July 28, 1997
Elf [ Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Oak. Mischief, not just a good idea, its the law     August 7, 1997
Elf [ Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Oak. Mischief, not just a good idea, its the law     November 3, 1997
Elf [      Initiate     ] Oak doesn't know what you're talking about           December 13, 1997

Character History:


  • Oak is featured in Pol's Tale.
  • Oak was online to wish Nalya a happy 1000th birthday on November 1, 1997.
  • Oak was a member of the Council of Mischief.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

12/96: Oak takes part in the epic beat down of the ICP, when they were force-leveled by Madman to 20+.

01/28/97: Oak reaches Th:18 Ma:27 Wa:18.

5/02/97: Oak reaches effective 50th (Ma:30 Wa:30 Th:30) at 1436 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame.

11/20/97: Oak gets the record for the fastest-quest-item-getter. Here's what happened. (In other words, Oak vows and completes the Immortality Quest in a single day, but does not Petition to Immort.)