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Created 1996
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Last Seen 1997
Followed Khore

Mud Contributions:

Note read 53:
Khore: A War.
To: Kindred Followers Kalten
In the act of the Hunt, Diaemon, our Hunter, attacked an unwary Ivory follower practicing. He slew him, as he is the Hunter and so Hunted. In the aftermath, it was discovered the Follower, Tal by name, had in his possession the Practicing Kit of Kalten. I cannot, and will not, be held responsible for Kalten's mis-care of his Kit. It was not returned. I faced an angry Lord of Ivory that said unkind things. He has declared a war. So be it. We have fought and we will continue to fight. Ours is not the way of submission. Defend yourselves. His will be aggressive. Kill them first.
Khore, Lord of the Kindred

Current Description:

(Written by Cordir):
A slow and inviting smile dances on full lips that part to allow a darting tongue to moisten them. A pale, elegant hand reaches languidly up to brush aside an errant lock that has escaped the black velvet bow that restrains its fellows at the nape of his neck. Your eyes wander over broad shoulders encased in a mourning coat of burgundy velvet, a perfect white stock tied seemingly carelessly at his throat. White lace froths at his wrists, falling over perfectly manicured hands.

As he dabs the corners of his mouth with a scarlet silk handkerchief, the gesture draws your gaze upwards where it is captured in a cage made of storm-grey eyes that devour yours... probing... searching... invading every corner of your being.

WHO Lists:

11/04/96 - Hum [ Wa:10 ] Diaemon:Bleeding soul becomes a bitter mind [HoK]

History Snippet: 11/17/1196

> inv
You are carrying:
corpse of Doz
(Magical) a suit of studded leather
(Magical) a purple potion with black swirls
(Magical) a purple potion with green swirls
a rattrap
( 2) (Magical) a clear red potion
a small pouch
(Magical) the Anti-Theft Amulet
(Magical) the aged alexandrite amulet
a water jug
(Magical) a suit of scale mail

<138hp(191) 184mv >
You ftell (in common) 'Oops...I have been carrying a corpse this whole time'.

Medea ftells (in common) '*cackle!*'.
DarkClaw ftells (in common) '*laugh*'.

> l in corpse
Corpse of Doz contains:
a suit of bronze plate
(Magical) the plain moonstone bracelet
a white fur cloak
a beltpouch
a water skin
a long scale mail skirt
a bright ball of light
a pair of miner's boots
a large dwarven shield
a pair of scale mail sleeves
(Magical) (Humming) the rainbow garnet ring
(Magical) (Humming) a studded leather girth
(Magical) the vibrant topaz amulet
(Magical) (Humming) the flashy hematite amulet
( 2) a mace
(Magical) the iridescent silver ring

History Snippet: 11/30/1996

Cutey tells you (in common) '(Edited)'.
Cutey tells you (in common) '(Edited)'.
Cutey tells you (in common) '(Edited)'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'Stop it now'.

Cutey tells you (in common) '(Edited)'.

Cutey tells you (in common) 'if you appolagize'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'I do not think that is appropriate'.

Cutey tells you (in common) 'reply why ddi you attack me'
You tell Cutey (in common) 'You will stop or you will be silenced'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'I mean it. I will ask a god'.

Cutey tells you (in common) 'why did you attack me tell me and I will stop'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'That kind of Crap just isnt allowed'.

Cutey tells you (in common) 'why did you attack me!!'.

Cutey tells you (in common) '@#%%$'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'Much better'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'Now....I attacked you because you are food'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'No offense'.

Cutey tells you (in common) 'FOOD??? how'.

You tell Cutey (in common) 'I drink the blood of the living, Cutey'.

Cutey tells you (in common) 'how am I food'.

Cutey sticks her nose up at diaemon and walks away.
Cutey leaves west.


  • As an active and effective killer in the low level range, Diaemon was the target of many an uncivilized rant. Several of these could be seen on Cordir's "Foulness" page. (See above)

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