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Led By Tamar
Alignment Chaotic Good
PK Model Sword
Future Immortal Followers Whitehawk
Ordained Mortals Azeworai
Allies Tripper

Following Description / FINFO:

Tamar, leader of the Dreamwalkers, Intermediate Power of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Chaotic Good.
The followings of Tripper, Robert, Plato are considered allies.

Brief following description:
The Dreamwalkers are a non-aggressive following emphasizing personal growth,
friendship, and enjoyment of the game. Followers are encouraged to be an
example of good in the world, and to look for the good within themselves
and within others. How this is done is the decision of each individual.


(Info from: http://dreamwalkers.wox.org/followers.html - Circa June 2002):
Followers may or may not be recognizable by their titles (which may include words such as serene, calm, tranquility, peace, joy, pathway, dream, dreaming, dreamer, or Dreamwalker) but they will be recognizable by their actions. Here is the list of followers, in order of acceptance: Darkwing*, Vixon, Dengin*, Satriani, Casper*, AreDeeEss*, Sendak*, Mija, Peter*, Empedocles, Kick*, Major*, Ghazkull, Mimbhan*, Orion*, Anatole*, Spellcaster*, Bryan*, Scooter*, Acator*, Cyrix*, Hitokiri*, Aurora*, Crinos, Ryltar*, Whitehawk (immorted), Drizzt*, Nick*, Evelyne*, Hiro, Crunch*, Kinky, Dussel*, Ileandra, Glathrorn, CrunchJr*, Stafellayinn*, Blackblade*, CountChocula*, Abaddon, Heero*, Bigtoe*, Shamar*, Quarnel, Chee, Helaman, Spire*, Sivan*, Azeworai, Armalag, Sparky*, Shabba*, Kaju*, Oganoan*, Darklord*, Kicks*, Tramp, Mentledo, Legolas, Fiend, Dijul, Sirus, Sian, Jarngrimr*, Dinin, Rutherford, Zedar, Micakthul*, Vorax (prior Attendant), Pitt, Langbardr*, Dart*, Strakeln*, Rurharc*, Plane, Wardon, Sturm, Menion*, Rhianna*, Tiberius, Theoden, Farghon*, Myronides (immorted), Bumm*, Mikael, Gangleri, Orusan, Drahir, Elrond, Azurik*, Nedley, Bulgarian*, Sylock*, Karrion*, Homer, Rowen*, Morhaven, DragonBane, Larynda, Rynna, Intrepid, Solanthas (prior Attendant), Folgrim, Paco, Turalurayay.
*Retired and/or passed from the realm.

Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes

From the following website, hosted on http://dreamwalkers.wox.org/entry.html:
The Dreamwalkers are a non-aggressive, good-aligned following emphasizing personal growth, friendship, and enjoyment of the game. This is a following for those who are unafraid, and willing to stand up for their beliefs without imposing them on others against their will. We follow Tamar, the goddess of serenity, mistress of dreams. She encourages her followers to be an example of good in the world, and to look for the good within themselves and others.

The Vision - A Message from Tamar:
I chose a chaotic good alignment for the Dreamwalkers, despite the fact that some might think neutral sentry might have been more appropriate, because I want my followers to be able to make their own decisions about whether or not to attack someone, and not have that enforced by code. And, of course, because we are NOT neutral sentry, we are chaotic good and of the sword =) Although I personally do not like pking, and discourage it where I can, followers are free to pk those they are justified against.
The people I would like to see (and do see) in my following are persistent, independent, and helpful. They are strong willed and passionate, people who really care about what happens to themselves and to others. They are people that don't always agree with others, and that are not afraid to give their opinion and act on their beliefs.
They are not sheep, going with whatever looks best or safest at the time. They are not cowards, afraid to play when they are the only good aligned character logged on. They are individuals, and I have faith in them.
I believe in looking for the good in myself, my followers, and others, and in accepting people for what they are and for what they are not. Part of what this means is that I have no issue with anything someone else believes. I may or may not believe the same thing myself, but I recognize that each person's belief is true and valid for that individual. I do not like it when people are lumped into a group and judged or stereotyped, for good or for ill. I prefer to consider each person as the individual that they are, and that they have the potential to become if they desire.
Remember, you are the only one who knows what is best for you, and how you would be happy.
I wish you well,

Following Timeline:

Info From: http://dreamwalkers.wox.org/news.html:
3/14/2000: Tamar is promoted to Demigoddess by Tynian. The Dreamwalkers are created.
3/16/2000: Tamar accepts Darkwing as her first follower. Vixon is accepted as the second.
3/20/2000: Mikael is created. He later becomes Tamar's 4th follower.
4/3/2000: Vixon reaches level 19, slaying a large golem.
9/4/2000: Whitehawk and Mimbhan join Tamar.
10/21/2000: Whitehawk and Aoife get married.
10/23/2000: Snappy levels to Cl:17 Wa:15.
10/28/2000: Whitehawk is promoted to Ambassador.
12/20/2000: Chee is created.

2001:<BR 1/5/2001: Stafellayinn returns to TFC after a long absence and joins the Dreamwalkers.
1/12/2001: Shamar is created.
1/18/2001: Blackblade, Snappy, Countchocula and Abaddon join the Dreamwalkers.
1/19/2001: Heero, Bigtoe, Shamar and Flood join the Dreamwalkers. Stafellayinn is restored to his former levels as a triple- classer and re- joins the Dreamwalkers.
1/23/2001: A gathering of the Dreamwalkers is held in the Refuge to promote the cause of good. Much spam and many ideas ensue. Quarnel joins the Dreamwalkers.
2/3/2001: Ghazkull levels to Ma: 7 Ra:11
2/5/2001: Spire is created.
2/9/2001:[ 31] Drizzt: Farewell, TFC / Fri Feb 9 18:44:43 2001 / To: all / I've never been one for long farewells, so I'll make this as quick as possible. I believe that there may still be hope for this realm on some minute level, but I cannot sit and watch the balance of TFC slip further and further away. I blame no one, it was simply a situation where time, determination and effort favored those of the Nashite faith. You have accomplished your goal. Soon, those who appose you will more than likely fall prey and soon accept your faith as their own. There are so few left to fight on the side of good that it is almost laughable to think the remaining might stand a chance. I am not saying it is an impossible battle. however, I am saying that I have yet to see a large enough alliance of good players to pose a threat to the tight knit followers of the nashite faith. Perhaps, at some point, all of you will learn what it is to truly be at war..the absolute necessity for unity and allies..friends and comrades. You will never stand a chance unless you put aside differences and realize this is a war. You will not triumph until you learn to work together.. >much like, ironically, those of the nashite faith. they prosper because they work together. but I've already made this too long. I wish you all good luck, and I hope at some point this realm will regain it's equilibrium. This is my retirement notice..for the 2nd time. Syris also says his farewells, as does Lyim, and Symon(the 3.x version
2/12/2001: Ghazkull declares that due to inactivity on her part, he has decided to cancel his wedding to Evelyne.
2/13/2001: Stafellayinn levels to Ra:20 Th:18 Ma:18 and turns 1725 years old.
2/15/2001: Chee, Helaman and Spire join the Dreamwalkers.
2/17/2001: Stafellayinn reaches Ra:21 Th:18 Ma:18
2/19/2001: Ghazkull uses his first enchant scroll. = ) Crinos levels to Th:13 Ra:9 Ma:15. Chee reaches level 18 ranger.
2/20/2001: Darkwing makes Tamar flee by singing dwarven drinking songs in the Refuge.
2/21/2001: Crinos The Puffed Corn Cheeze Snack of DreamWalker levels to Th:14 Ra:9 Ma:15.
2/22/2001: Kicks is created.
2/23/2001: Crinos levels to Th:15 Ra:9 Ma:15
2/26/2001: Ghazkull re- proposes to Evelyne via a board note.
2/27/2001: Phyrexia is created. Evelyne re- accepts Ghazkull's proposal via board note, saying that she "would love to marry the NICEST man on TFC." The wedding date is TBA.
2/28/2001: Phyrexia joins the Dreamwalkers.
3/1/2001: Sivan joins the Dreamwalkers.
3/2/2001: Azeworai is created.
3/3/2001: Azeworai and Armalag join the Dreamwalkers.
3/5/2001: The selection of the Dreamwalker's first ordained, Azeworai, is announced.
3/6/2001: Azeworai levels to 12 mage.
3/7/2001: Goku and Sparky join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 13 mage.
3/8/2001: Shabba, Masodent and Kaju join the Dreamwalkers. Spire levels to 15 mage. Azeworai levels to 14 mage.
3/9/2001: Azeworai levels to 15 mage and gets a train.
3/11/2001: Darkwing and Armalag announce their retirement.
3/13/2001: Draven and Oganoan join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 16 mage.
3/15/2001: CrunchJr levels to 11 warrior.
3/18/2001: Quarnel levels to 21 cleric and gets max mana. Mija wins a scavenger quest. Kaju levels to 13 shaman.
3/19/2001: Spire duals to thief.
3/20/2001: Glathrorn levels to 7 thief. Spire levels to Th:2 Ma:15
3/21/2001: Spire levels to Th:3 Ma:15.
3/22/2001: Ghazkull and Evelyne are wed. (Log of the wedding is available on the logs page.)
3/26/2001: Spire levels to 5 thief.
3/27/2001: Tramp and Mentledo join the Dreamwalkers.
3/31/2001: Legolas is created.
4/2/2001: Darklord levels to 6 cleric.
4/10/2001: Legolas and Fiend join the Dreamwalkers.
4/11/2001: Azeworai levels to 17 mage and gets max hit points.
4/12/2001: Dijul joins the Dreamwalkers.
4/13/2001: Sirus is created.
4/18/2001:[ 11] Evelyne: retirement / Wed Apr 18 14:11:29 2001 / To followers of: Tamar / *curtsey lady Tamar* hello everyone. Well how do you start a note like this? with a catching subject =) that already worked fine but i made a discion. And those are hard to make i was on almost 12 hours a day. And that's to much. I had 4 characters i played alot. So That's was to consuming. And I'm glad I married the most handsome and gentle person in this realm just before I'd departed. so what else can I say? Ghazkull, Tamar and everyone else THANKS!! you made my stay enjoyable! I'll miss my daily mobkilling, funnystories and guildsitting! *smile* *hug* *wave* Please take care and enjoy the blessing of mylady Tamar for as long as you like *curtsey Tamar* *french Ghazkull* *wave and hug everyone else*
5/13/2001: Kendrobe apostatizes, after writing the following board note: [ 11] Kendrobe: myself / Sun May 13 10:01:16 2001 / To followers of: Tamar / i am sorry for those i have betrayed, you are my friends...and my family. but i must now follow a differant road.
5/24/2001: CrunchJr levels to 13 warrior and gets a train. Legolas levels to 16 mage.
5/25/2001: Sian joins the Dreamwalkers.
5/26/2001: Legolas levels to 17 mage, effective 20.
5/27/2001: CrunchJr levels to 14 warrior and gets a train. Mija levels to 7 warrior.
5/28/2001: Jarngrimr, Dinin & Rutherford join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 19 mage. Jarngrimr levels to 11 shaman. Sian levels to 3 and then 4 warrior. Mija levels to 8 warrior.
5/29/2001: Snappy levels to 18 warrior. Legolas levels to 18 mage. Abaddon levels to 15 warrior.
5/30/2001: Chee levels to 8 cleric. Mentledo levels to 15 cleric. Jarngrimr levels to 12 shaman. Snappy levels to 19 warrior.
5/31/2001: Chee levels to 9 cleric. Azeworai levels to 20 mage. Egar rescues Tamar after she is trapped inside an egg casing.
6/1/2001: Snappy levels to 19 cleric. Rutherford levels to 4 warrior. Zedar joins the Dreamwalkers.
6/2/2001: Snappy levels to 20 and then 21 cleric. Mentledo levels to 16 cleric.
6/3/2001: Snappy levels to 22 cleric. Tramp levels to 9 warrior and gets a train and 6 practices. Rutherford levels to 5 warrior. Micakthul returns to the realm after a very long absence and joins the Dreamwalkers.
6/4/2001: Azeworai levels to 21 mage. Micakthul levels to 8 ranger. The Dreamwalkers' scavenger/leveling quest ends. Winners are: Snappy, first place with 606 points. Azeworai, 2nd place with 314 points. Chee, 3rd place with 208 points. Legolas & Mentledo each get honorable mentions with 152 and 151 points respectively. Twelve people participated, earning a total of 1842 points, and reaching a total of 22 levels during the 1 week period. Congratulations to all who participated!
6/5/2001: Legolas is killed in a snowball fight with Tamar. Ghazkull completes mobmastery 5. Micakthul levels to 9 ranger. Azeworai loses a level and gains it back.
6/6/2001: Azeworai kills a mycon chanter for mobmaster 21.
6/7/2001: TFC goes down due to Global Crossing issues.
6/19/2001: TFC comes back up at its regular address! Snappy levels to 23 cleric. Legolas holds 5 chocolate bunnies hostage, threatening to harm them unless his demands are met. Some of the demands include owning the kitchen and a lifetime supply of strawberry ice cream. Tokugawa then appeared out of nowhere, stole the bunnies from Legolas, and announced that "Legolas's bunnies have been liberated!" Tokugawa then ate a bunny in front of Bliss.
6/20/2001: Bliss speaks with Tamar regarding snowballing Legolas as punishment for the bunny- hostage situation. Evelyne makes an appearance in the realm, wanting to say hello to Ghazkull. Legolas levels to 19 mage. Sirus levels to 11 warrior.
6/21/2001: Tramp levels to 10 warrior (10:Wa 12:Cl 12:Th) and gets 6 practices and a train.
6/22/2001: Sirus holds a drinking party in the Guild Hall. Sirus levels to 12 warrior.
6/23/2001: Vorax is promoted by Tynian to Attendant to the Dreamwalkers! Tamar rises to Intermediate Power.
6/24/2001: Pitt joins the Dreamwalkers. Sirus levels to 13 warrior. Chee levels to 10 cleric.
6/25/2001: Snappy kills Toxic (justifiably), the first time a Dreamwalker has PKed.
6/26/2001: Sirus duals to cleric. Langbardr is created, joins the Dreamwalkers and levels to 9 cleric. Legolas does his first MASSACRE lightning bolt.
6/27/2001: Chee levels to 11 cleric. Sirus levels to 2 cleric (Cl:2 Wa:13). Langbardr levels to 10 cleric.
6/28/2001: Dart joins the Dreamwalkers. Langbardr levels to 11 cleric.
6/29/2001: Ghazkull levels. Legolas levels to 20 mage (Ma:20 Ra:11) and gets a train! Sirus levels to 3 cleric (Cl: 3 Wa:13).
6/30/2001: Abaddon levels to 16 warrior (Wa:16 Sh:25). Vorax is promoted to Demigod by Tynian.
7/1/2001: Kicks levels to 9 ranger.
7/2/2001: Sirus levels to 4 cleric (Cl: 4 Wa:13).
7/3/2001: Chee has his first devastate with spiritual hammer.
7/5/2001: Tamar and Plato become allies. The Dreamwalkers trivia/knowledge/clue- finding quest ends, and the winner is the team of Snappy and Chee
7/7/2001: Tamar and Armalag go out for Pancakes.
7/8/2001: Legolas reaches Ma:21 Ra:11, gets a train, and gets better at improved id, after "4000+ ids".
7/9/2001: Langbardr levels to 13 cleric.
7/12/2001: Strakeln levels to 4 mage.
7/13/2001: Snappy levels to Cl:24 Wa:19. Strakeln levels to 5, 6, 7 & 8 mage and joins the Dreamwalkers.
7/15/2001: Legolas announces that he is going to make a journal of his teleports.
7/16/2001: Chee reaches Cl:12 Ra:20. Langbardr reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15.
7/17/2001: Mentledo levels to 17 cleric. Masodent is effectively no longer a Dreamwalker.
7/18/2001: Rurharc joins the Dreamwalkers.
7/19/2001: Plane joins the Dreamwalkers.
7/27/2001: Azeworai duals to warrior. Legolas reaches Ra: 13 Ma:21.
7/30/2001: Chee reaches Cl:13 Ra:20.
7/31/2001: Sian levels twice, reaching Wa: 6 Cl:11.
8/2/2001: Sian levels 7 times, 2 in cleric and 5 in warrior, reaching Cl:13 Wa:11.
8/4/2001: Sturm and Wardon join the Dreamwalkers. Sian reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Wardon levels to 10 mage.
8/5/2001: Menion and Rhianna join the Dreamwalkers. Wardon levels to 11 & 12 mage.
8/6/2001: Legolas reaches Ra:14 Ma:21.
8/8/2001: Chee reaches Cl:15 Ra:20.
8/9/2001: Legolas levels to Ra:15 Ma:21
8/10/2001: Tiberius joins the Dreamwalkers
8/13/2001: Rhianna levels to 7 ranger. Menion levels to 7 cleric. Legolas completes mobmaster 13 and reaches Ra:17 Ma:21.
8/14/2001: Azeworai reaches Wa:7 Ma:21. Legolas tries to rescue Azeworai from Maldobar and Gabriel.
8/15/2001: Legolas reaches Ra:18 Ma:21.
8/17/2001: Legolas reaches Ra:19 Ma:21.
8/18/2001: Armalag exp's for the first time in over a rl year. Wardon reaches 14 mage. Azeworai reaches Wa: 8 Ma:21. Legolas reaches Ra:20 Ma:21 and duals back to mage.
8/18/2001: Wardon levels to 14 mage. Azeworai reaches Wa:8 Ma:21. Legolas reaches Ra:20 Ma:21.
8/21/2001: Legolas reaches Ma:22 Ra:20. Wardon levels to 15 mage and duals to ranger. Tiberius levels to 15 cleric.
8/22/2001: Azeworai reaches Wa: 9 Ma:21. Menion levels to 9 cleric. Rhianna levels to 9 ranger.
8/25/2001: Tiberius levels to 19 cleric. Armalag reaches Wa:25 Cl:25 and duals back to cleric.
8/26/2001: Wardon duals to ranger and completes his first mobmaster.
8/28/2001: Rhianna duals to mage. Azeworai levels twice in warrior, reaching Wa:11 Ma:21. Menion duals to warrior.
8/30/2001: Theoden joins the Dreamwalkers.
8/31/2001: Tamar levels to Lesser Goddess. Azeworai reaches Wa:12 Ma:21. Legolas reaches Ma:23 Ra:20.
9/1/2001: Armalag levels to Cl:26 Wa:25 and gets a train.
9/4/2001: Tamar eats a Magic Mushroom that EVISCERATES, *** DEMOLISHES ***, and teleports her. Thanks Quarnel *Grin*
9/5/2001: Quarnel reaches Cl:23 Wa:20.
9/6/2001: Loto joins the Dreamwalkers.
9/7/2001: Armalag is selected as the 2nd ordained.
9/8/2001: Legolas is selected as the 3rd ordained, and becomes the first to receive the title. (Log available on logs page.) Armalag reaches Cl:27 Wa:25. Azeworai duals back to mage, reaches Ma:22 Wa:15, and kills a rakasta citizen for mobmaster 25.
9/9/2001: Drizzt is reborn as a level 1 mage and rejoins the Dreamwalkers. Legolas reaches 2 ordained.
9/10/2001: Drizzt levels to 5 mage.
9/11/2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:23 Wa:15 and gets a train.
9/13/2001: Azeworai completes mobmasters 29, 30 & 31. Quarnel reaches Cl:24 Wa:20.
9/14/2001: Abaddon completes mobmastery 47.
9/17/2001: Armalag reaches Cl:28 Wa:25. Tamar reaches full mana again, after having gone in the negative to ordain Legolas.
9/21/2001: Farghon joins the Dreamwalkers. Quarnel reaches Cl:25 Wa:20.
9/22/2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:24 Wa:15.
9/23/2001: Myronides joins the Dreamwalkers. Quarnel completes mobmaster 31. Rhianna reaches Ma: 5 Ra: 9. Menion reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Azeworai reaches Ma:25 Wa:15.
9/24/2001: The Refuge moves to the upper level, and Tamar's office is installed.
9/26/2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:26 Wa:15.
9/28/2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:27 Wa:15 and gets a train. Azeworai ventriloquates Tamar (log available on logs page).
9/30/2001: Armalag reaches Cl:29 Wa:25.
10/1/2001: Quarnel reaches Cl:26 Wa:20.
10/3/2001: Sirus reaches Cl: 5 Wa:13.
10/4/2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:28 Wa:15.
10/5/2001: Ghazkull recognized. (Log available on logs page.)
10/9/2001: Drizzt levels to 6 mage.
10/10/2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:29 Wa:15. Legolas reaches 4 ordained. Bumm joins Tamar.
10/11/2001: Armalag reaches Wa:26 Cl:30.
10/13/2001: Quarnel reaches Cl:28 Wa:20.
10/17/2001: Armalag reaches Wa:27 Cl:30.
10/19/2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:30 Wa:15 (effective 35) and duals back to warrior. (Log available on logs page.)
10/23/2001: Tiberius duals to ranger.
10/24/2001: Mikael rejoins the Dreamwalkers.
10/25/2001: Legolas reaches ordain 5. Mija reaches Wa: 9 Ma:15 Th:15.
10/27/2001: Armalag reaches Wa:28 Cl:30.
10/31/2001: Armalag gets 2nd place in the Halloween contest.
11/1/2001: Azeworai reaches Wa:16 Ma:30. Legolas reaches ordain 6.
11/3/2001: Gangleri joins the Dreamwalkers.
11/6/2001: Tiberius reaches Ra: 5 Cl:19.
11/8/2001: Jahar joins the Dreamwalkers.
11/14/2001: Drahir joins the Dreamwalkers. Legolas reaches 8 ordain and then is de- ordained & given a raincloud. Armalag reaches effective 40 and is ordained! (Log available on logs page.)
11/15/2001: Tiberius triples to thief. Legolas triples to thief and reaches Th: 7 Ra:20 Ma:23.
11/17/2001: Tiberius reaches Th:10 Cl:19 Ra:15.
11/18/2001: Tiberius reaches Th:14 Cl:19 Ra:15.
11/19/2001: Legolas reaches Th:13 Ra:20 Ma:23 and gets a train.
11/20/2001: Armalag reaches ordain 3.
11/21/2001: Tiberius reaches Ra:16 Th:15 Cl:21.
11/22/2001: Drahir levels to 12 mage.
11/23/2001: Legolas reaches Th:14 Ra:20 Ma:23.
11/27/2001: Legolas reaches Th:16 Ra:20 Ma:23. Tiberius reaches Ra:17 Th:15 Cl:21. Elrond levels to 10 mage.
12/2/2001: Tiberius reaches Ra:19 Th:15 Cl:21.
12/9/2001: Armalag reaches ordained 5.
12/11/2001: Myronides completes mobmasters 15-20
12/15/2001: Myronides reaches Th:30 Cl:30 Ra:30 (effective 50) for the second time.
12/16/2001: Myronides petitions for immortality. Wardon reaches Ra: 7 Ma:15. Ryltar rejoins the Dreamwalkers.
12/19/2001: Armalag reaches ordained 6.
12/23/2001: Azurik joins the Dreamwalkers and levels to 6 shaman.
12/27/2001: Kinky completes mobmaster 25.
12/29/2001: Nedley joins the Dreamwalkers and levels to 8 mage.

1/3/2002: Glathrorn reaches Sh:12 Wa:11 Th:11. Mija reaches Wa:11 Ma:15 Th:15.
1/4/2002: Azeworai completes mobmaster 41.
1/7/2002: Elrond levels to 15 mage.
1/11/2002: Hiro rejoins the Dreamwalkers.
1/20/2002: Glathrorn reaches Wa:13 Sh:14 Th:11. DragonBane is created and levels to 5 mage.
1/24/2002: Hiro levels to 8 warrior.
1/27/2002: Mija reaches Wa:12 Ma:15 Th:15.
1/29/2002: Karrion levels to 4 cleric.
1/31/2002: Tramp reaches Wa:15 Cl:15 Th:12.
2/3/2002: Homer joins Tamar and levels to 6 cleric. Mija reaches Wa:14 Ma:15 Th:15.
2/5/2002: Mija reaches Wa:14 Ma:15 Th:15.
2/6/2002: Tiberius completes mobmaster 35.
2/9/2002: Mija reaches Wa:15 Ma:15 Th:15.
2/10/2002: Rowen joins the Dreamwalkers.
2/12/2002: Homer reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11. Armalag reaches 7 ordained.
2/14/2002: Morhaven and DragonBane join Tamar. DragonBane reaches Th: 6 Ma:11. Morhaven levels to 5 cleric.
2/17/2002: DragonBane completes his first mobmaster.
2/21/2002: Myronides is promoted to Ambassador!
2/23/2002: Rynna levels to 9 ranger and duals to cleric. DragonBane reaches Th: 9 Ma:11.
2/25/2002: Azeworai reaches Wa:17 Ma:30.
2/28/2002: Rynna reaches Cl: 2 Ra: 9.
3/1/2002: Intrepid levels to 5 shaman and joins the Dreamwalkers.
3/9/2002: Legolas reaches Ra:23 Th:17 Ma:23. DragonBane reaches Wa: 8 Ma:11 Th:11.
3/10/2002: Intrepid levels to 9 shaman.
3/16/2002: Intrepid levels to 10 shaman.
3/17/2002: Solanthas becomes Attendant to the Dreamwalkers.
3/18/2002: Paco joins the Dreamwalkers.
3/20/2002: Glathrorn reaches Th:15 Sh:15 Wa:13.
3/21/2002: DragonBane reaches Wa:10 Ma:11 Th:11.
3/23/2002: DragonBane reaches Wa:12 Ma:11 Th:11.
3/24/2002: Gangleri reaches Wa: 4 Cl:20. Folgrim levels to 20 shaman. DragonBane reaches Wa:13 Ma:11 Th:11. Legolas reaches Ra:24 Th:17 Ma:23. Morhaven levels to 10 cleric.
3/31/2002: Paco completes mobmaster 21.
4/1/2002: Turalurayay joins the Dreamwalkers.
4/2/2002: Gangleri reaches Wa: 5 Cl:20.
4/8/2002: Gangleri reaches Wa: 7 Cl:20
4/21/2002: Hiro reaches Cl: 2 Wa:11.
4/28/2002: Tamar has a thought- provoking dream. (Log available on the logs page.)
4/29/2002: Jahar is released from the Dreamwalkers.
5/2/2002: Azeworai is ordained Dreamkeeper! Tiberius reaches Th:19 Ra:21 Cl:21 and completes mobmaster 37.
5/8/2002: Intrepid levels to 12 shaman.
5/9/2002: Tamar has a second dream, which causes her to resolve to push followers out of the nest for good. (Log available on the logs page.) Snappy is released from the Dreamwalkers. Rynna reaches Cl: 7 Ra: 9.
5/10/2002: Armalag reaches 8 ordained.
5/12/2002: Tamar is promoted to Goddess, and she and the Dreamwalkers all must follow their own dreams.