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Led By Nicademus
Created 2000
Disbanded 2000
Alignment Good
Future Immortal Followers Clue

Temple Key:
Temple Altar:
Look Altar:

Following Description / FINFO:

Nicademus, leader of the Wind, Unknown Power of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Good.
The followings of Tokugawa, Solanthas are considered allies.
The followings of Molo, Asia are considered enemies.

Brief following description:
The following of wind is a "true" good following. Followers protect those too weak or unable to to defend themselves. They are the protectors of the realm and judge others not on their alignment but by actions alone. Followers of Nicademus are expected to aid those in need: from corpse retrievals to IDs, they should serve the Realm. The Wind has the power to aid all creatures of of this realm, while at the same time wields the power to destroy. Once awoken its power is formidable, but most often its chosen form is that of merely a cool breeze. Followers of Wind strive to emulate these properties of the Wind.

Following Rules:

To follow Lord Nicademus you must have reached at least level 10 in any given class or be an effective level of 12. Any race or class combination is acceptable. Bear in mind that that the wind is constantly changing and like the wind you must also seek change. LEVEL camping is "generally" not permitted (getting to a certain level and preying on those below you without leveling).

While some may level faster than others, there is no penalty for taking your time as long as you exhibit a desire for advancement and self improvement. Level campers may be punished severely, begining with PK restrictions and the possibly with other less manageable punishments. Further, at the discretion of Lord Nicademus, you may be given a quest or task in order to prove your worthiness to join the ranks of Wind.

You at all times are expected to obey the rules of TFC and all of the immortals of the realm. If you have a problem with an immortal or a rule, do not assume this burden on yourself and bring it to the attention of Lord Nicademus. When Nicademus is away from the realm, those individuals chosen to speak for him should be listened to, as they have proven their skill and worth through experience (and they will need to answer to Nicademus for their actions). Additionally, reforms will as a general rule NOT be granted. Certain extenuating circumstances may provide for an exception. Should you desire a reform and seek to gain one by harming the followers or reputation of this following, you will soon find that such a course of actions will make your life here unbearable.

Rules on PK:

The rules regarding Player Killing are Final.

Deviation from these rules will require severe punishment. You represent a "true" good following. Actions which may perceived as unjust or contrary to being "good" will NOT be tolerated. The General Rule of player killing is, if you have ANY reason to believe that Lord Nicademus would not approve of a specific PK attempt, then wisdom dictates not initiating such an attack. Additionally, discretion to initiate a PK attempt may be regulated based on experience and level of the follower. Certain lower level player might be prohibited from PKing without the approval of Lord Nicademus or someone authorized by him to grant such permission.

1. You may initiate a PK attempt anyone who you or a follower is justified against. This is permitted without approval unless the justification was the result of an accident (such as attack while confused, area spell) or aquired by some devious act of your own doing.

2. You may NOT attack an individual simply because they follow and EVIL immortal. You are however permitted to attack those who are known killers or thieves throughout the realm. (with discretionary rules being applicable).

3. Neutrals who perpetually aid others in evil acts may be PKed. Approval should be requested prior to initiating any attempt against a neutral.

4. Similar to the treatment of evils, you may PK someone who is unaligned if his or her actions dictate such a response. Remember, you may base your judgments on a particular character's actions towards the realm and not just this following. As a good following, we protect all those too weak to or unable to protect themselves. Player Killing is essentially permitted for cause based on evil acts committed against this following and the innocents of the Realm.

Player Killing Classifications & Status:

First off, we will NOT have a ranking system in this following. If you wanted a rank you should have joined the Tigers. We are NOT an army, but rather a group of individuals striving to ensure the safety and welfare of the realm. The power to determine who should live and who should die is a great responsibility which must be earned through experience and time. Discretion to kill another player is therefore a privilege and NOT a right. The PK classification system will be broken down into 3 tiers or levels.

Level 1: Zephyr

A zephyr is merely a gentle breeze. Those of you assigned the Zephyr classification are prohibited from initiating a PK attempt against anyone who you personally are not justified against. You may not aid in an attempt to kill any other player in the game. This classification is normally assigned to those who are newer to the game and/or lack experience with matters of life and death. This is not a punishment. This status is to protect both yourself and the realm. You have not acquired the skills or experience necessary to become an effective enforcer and putting yourself in pk situations exposes you to needless risk. Further, these people lack the experience required to execute the proper discretion with regard to taking someone's life. I cannot in good conscience let loose those who are not yet ready to assume the burden of making these tough decisions. Those in the Zephyr class may refer to themselves as a breeze, zephyr, calm or any other non-violent wind.

Level 2: Gusts

Gusts are a strong forceful wind, however they normally part of a much larger storm and are shorter in duration. Those of you assigned to the Gust level may initiate PK attempts on those who you or a fellow follower are justified against. You also may attack those declared to be an enemy of the following, since such declarations act as consent. Otherwise, you may only initiate attacks by consent of either myself or one of my Guardians. Those of you who are deemed Gusts may refer to themselves as gusts, squalls, storms, showers, downpours or any similar type of semi-violent storm or wind.

Level 3: Hurricanes

Hurricanes are powerful forces of nature capable of wrecking havoc and destruction upon all they encounter. Those who are considered Hurricanes have proven themselves to be trustworthy enough to have discretion to PK. While the normal PK rules obviously apply, the followers considered Hurricanes are free to attack those they believe I would want brought to justice. Those of this class may refer to themselves as hurricanes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Typhoons or any other storm or wind of mass destruction.

General Guidelines:

I will assign a classification to all new followers upon their acceptance. Those of you already in the following seek me out so that we me determine where you fall. Please remember, this is not a punishment! If you feel you should be placed in a different level for any reason, you are free to discuss the situation with me. The system is designed to make sure that my general PK rules are followed and to help with the learning process. There are no limits to how many people may be in a specific level. Additionally, you may choose to advertise your classification in title or you may choose to keep it a secret. I leave that in your hands for now. I am optimistic that this will work well however.


10/31/2000  Hum [    Ra: 2 Cl:14    ]  Alexander The Great, Tracker of the Four Winds. *P*
10/15/2000  Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Anonymous dreams of chimes tinkling in the wind
10/30/2000  Hum [       Sh:21       ]  Blackblade the Terror of *Wind*
08/18/2000  Hum [    Wa:17 Cl:15    ]  Calladorn, balanced on the -=Wind=- of change
09/19/2000  Dwa [       Cl:21       ]  Cask, Master Healer of the Four Winds
08/22/2000  Hum [    Cl:25 Wa:16    ]  Cecil, Guardian of the Old Code.  [Wind]
10/30/2000  Gno [    Wa: 6 Cl:12    ]  Chaos is in the WIND today...
08/24/2000  Hel [    Th:10 Ma:12    ]  Cipher was raised by leprachauns.  *Wind*
10/30/2000  Hum [    Wa:27 Cl:30    ]  Clue: Sentry of the Southern Zephyr /WIND/IPS/KGB
10/17/2000  Hum [       Wa:13       ]  CountChocula Like the Wind: silent, but deadly
10/25/2000  Hum [    Cl:13 Wa:13    ]  Critical Lin, The Snow Leopard of -*Wind*-
10/28/2000  Gno [       Sh:20       ]  Dingbat, Demonic Cumulus of the Four Winds
08/22/2000  Dwa [    Sh:30 Th:25    ]  Doc Demento, Guardian of the Eastern Storm *WIND*
10/02/2000  Elf [    Wa:17 Cl:16    ]  Drake rides the Wind
10/04/2000  Elf [ Th: 5 Ma:10 Ra:10 ]  Elmdor mage of the black sheep knights wind
10/29/2000  Hel [       Cl:14       ]  Ephiny is Blade's girl...and the sweetest *WIND*
10/14/2000  Aar [       Sh:14       ]  Fzoul the swift, Servant to the Wind
10/12/2000  Elf [    Wa: 6 Cl:14    ]  Gafgarion cleric of the black sheep knights WIND
10/16/2000  Hel [ Wa:20 Th:15 Ma:15 ]  Galithandril Sfarfrompuken: Peacekeeper of Safehaven -Wind
08/14/2000  Hum [    Wa:24 Cl:24    ]  Gavin, Righteous Knight of the Four Winds.
08/21/2000  Elf [    Ra: 7 Cl:14    ]  Gawyn, Defender of the -=WIND=-
10/15/2000  Gno [       Cl:19       ]  Grundle Gnome  *Wind*
08/27/2000  Min [ Wa:15 Th:15 Ma:15 ]  Gryzzl Dhagir, one-horned bull of Wind
08/14/2000  Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Gunner Hurricane Master of Wind
08/27/2000  Elf [    Stormbringer   ]  Gunner Master of the Storms
10/29/2000  Hum [ Wa:18 Th:15 Ma:20 ]  Humble STEALS an AT..He MUST hav hands like the wind
09/09/2000  Hum [       Cl:11       ]  Izual the Boy
08/19/2000  Hel [ Ra:12 Ma:15 Th:15 ]  Jeda Manse: (The Prophet) (Seer of Truth) *Wind*
10/17/2000  Elf [    Ma: 1 Th:12    ]  Kith Kanan, Elven thief of the WIND
09/09/2000  Gno [       Sh:17       ]  Lars, Windbag drummer.
10/25/2000  Elf [    Ra:20 Ma:15    ]  Leru, The Little Elf-Maiden of the Wind.
09/05/2000  Hum [    Sh:17 Ra:17    ]  Lucien Druid of the Wind
08/17/2000  Hum [ Th:21 Ma:24 Wa:24 ]  Lynain Serenity after the Storm *Wind*
10/28/2000  Elf [    Cl:23 Ra:21    ]  Maximus, Commander of the Hurricane Legions. [Wind]
09/15/2000  Hum [    Wa: 5 Cl:18    ]  Mike needs money to buy something special *wind*
10/30/2000  Dwa [       Th:10       ]  Mim, thief and WINDbag extrordinaire
10/30/2000  Hum [    Wa:13 Cl:17    ]  Moiraine Sedai, WIND-swept healer.
10/22/2000  Hum [    Cl:25 Wa:23    ]  Mon, Protector of the Four Winds.
10/21/2000  Hum [    Cl: 3 Wa:11    ]  Perseus, Noble Warric of Storms   *Wind*
10/16/2000  Dwa [       Sh:30       ]  Phedre Pink! Panther of the Four Winds *Posner*
10/29/2000  Hum [    Ma: 5 Wa:10    ]  Ronin smells rain on the wind.
10/29/2000  Elf [ Ma:20 Wa:17 Th:15 ]  Saithien the elusive, Phantom of the WIND
08/28/2000  Aar [    Wa: 8 Sh:11    ]  Salater all shall die before my rift. (WIND)
10/24/2000  Elf [       Cl:13       ]  Seamus the Leprechaun riding the Wind
10/14/2000  Hum [    Sh:29 Ra:30    ]  Shon Lin, Guardian Monk of the Swirling Winds. NH
10/24/2000  Dwa [    Cl:17 Wa:15    ]  Snappy, Dwarven Warrior      -Wind-
10/16/2000  Hum [    Ma:15 Ra:14    ]  Sterling silvery sorceress of the WIND
09/07/2000  Hum [    Cl:14 Wa:17    ]  Sturm Brightblade, Force of the Wind. *Serra*
10/04/2000  Elf [    Cl:21 Ra:23    ]  That: Have "Cure Disease" Will Travel   =*Wind*=
10/16/2000  Hum [    Stormbrewer    ]  Theoden Guardian warric of the Wind
08/22/2000  Dwa [    Cl:21 Wa:10    ]  Tholbar Hammerhand, goes where the WIND takes him.
10/31/2000  Hum [       Wa:16       ]  Tim is Dr. Frank-n-Furter
10/30/2000  Elf [    Wa:20 Cl:24    ]  Venthaladir the Elf -Wind-

Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes