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Mike Jones (XXIII)
Created March 07, 2010
Status Active
Race Elf
Hometown Loth Llorien
Classes Ranger
Followed Lycron

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Desc by Cordir: 11/14/2011

Your eyes are instantly drawn to the blood-red sun inked upon the brow of 
the elf before you.  Were it not for the vivid tattoos - both on his brow 
and side of his neck, where a tribal mark of death is drawn in black - he 
would be easy to miss in a crowd. He is slightly shorter than the average
elf, of medium build and weight. His hair is an unremarkable brown, which
reaches mid-back, and his almond shaped eyes have the usual racial triple
color: brown, with blue and gray swirls. He appears to travel outdoors on
a regular basis, as his skin is tanned and here and there, scars mark his
life has having been a bit more adventurous than the towndwellers of elf-
kind - and perhaps a bit too confident.  His crimson robes match the mark 
upon his brow, gold symbols upon the hem and cuffs marking him as a mage. 
His expression is friendly and he nods in acknowledgement of your gaze. A
bit unusual for one of his aura... perhaps it is a stubborn streak within
him that drives him to travel his own road and not follow the easier path
of others, that keeps his soul his own.

WHO Lists:

02-19-2011:  Elf [    Ra:20 Ma:25    ] Mike Jones, Thing of the Crimson Sun
06-26-2011:  Elf [    Ra:20 Ma:25    ] Mike RM
11-12-2011:  Elf [    Ma:26 Ra:20    ] Mike, SuperNova of the Nashite Magi *CS*

Character History:


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

03/07/11: Mike is created and joins the Crimson Sun, giving worship to Lycron.
03/09/11: Mike duals to Ranger
04/25/11: Mike mobdies to Kalena the Minister of Agriculture
04/29/11: Mike gets his first PK, killing Markoon.
09/21/11: Mike reaches Ra:19 Ma:24.
02/22/11: Mike reaches Ra:20 Ma:25
09/04/11: Mike is reformed from Lycron's following. The same day, he worships Isolas and joins the Magi.
11/08/11: Mike completes his first Mobmastery, the drunk.
11/12/11: Mike is multi-killed by Lexie.

Player Information: