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Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Cleric
Followed Larry

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Hum [    Wa:12 Cl:17    ] Moiraine Sedai, WIND-swept healer.             10-25-2000 
Hum [    Wa:14 Cl:17    ] Moiraine a very gray Aes Sedai.                07-16-2001 
Hum [    Wa:14 Cl:17    ] Moiraine, Unaligned and hatin' it!             11-23-2001 
Hum [    Cl:17 Wa:15    ] Moiraine Sedai, flower child extraordinaire.   12-04-2001 
Hum [    Cl:17 Wa:15    ] Moiraine: Wisdom's Aes Sedai.                  8-19-2002
Hum [    Cl:18 Wa:15    ] Moiraine: Wisdom's Aes Sedai.                  01-31-2003 
Hum [    Cl:18 Wa:15    ] Moiraine: *sigh*  Gray again.                  09-22-2003 
Hum [    Cl:19 Wa:15    ] Moiraine Huntress of the red Ajah              10-12-2003 
Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:20    ] Moiraine, Huntress of the Red Ajah.            02-02-2004 

Character History:

I was born and lived most of my young life in a fashionable manor house in the south of Midguard with my mother, father, and older brother. My father was a wealthy merchant who traveled all the realm in the search of trade. My older brother, Pierce, was following in Father's footsteps in the family business.

We were all very happy for a long time. Then one day, everything changed. My father and brother were viciously attacked by a band of black marauders, just outside of the bazaar, whilst they were on a trade run. The band robbed them, brutally beat, and then killed them. Those responsible were never brought to justice. "There are none in the kingdom safe from the reach of The black hearted ones," is all we were ever told. "There are few in the realm strong enough to bring them to justice."

My mother and I were soon forced to sell our manor home, and we moved into a tiny cottage. Mother took in laundry for the mayor and others of the town just to keep food on the table. Many times would I arrive home from school to find my mother beaten bloody, black and blue, and crying. She never let on who caused her such pain, and I can only guess at what other horrors she suffered at their hands. Before I reached my 16th year, Mother died of a terrible plague that she was just too tired and weak to fight. The day I laid her to rest, I made a vow. I swore on that day, that I would give my life to the defense of others against the forces of the dark.

Now, I am not a mercenary. I cannot kill unless seriously provoked, however I can dispel, heal, and cure the illness, pain, and black magics of the wrong doers. I can uplift, support, defend, and sustain the weak and innocent of the realm. I do not speak of good vs. evil, for there are many that cross the line from one to the other. No, I speak rather of hearts and actions. Actions speak far louder then do words or auras.

I have joined the cleric's and fighters guilds and have become an adventurer. I will spend my life in the service of others. I still keep our little cottage, yet it is painful to spend much time there. I have much to learn of life yet, however I already have much to give.

For a time I followed Larry, and learned much along the way from other adventurers like Boyardee. Sadly, our Lord left us for other realms. I then joined up with Tigers and thought I'd truly found a home, a place to be loved and love, a place to belong and help others feel the security of belonging. But alas, this too was not to last for long. I have since wandered the realm in search of belonging. Having chosen the path of the cleric, my skills are wasted without the guiding light of immortality to lead me. But my spirit is not daunted, my soul not depressed. I shall find that which I seek. I must to fulfill my sacred vows.


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Personal Timeline:

July 31, 2003: Moiraine is reformed from Wisdom.
September 24, 2003: Moiraine joins the Wyld Hunt


[ 19] Moiraine: tsk tsk Zahar.
Fri Apr 12 14:03:26 2002
To: all
Women unfaithful? Perhaps a wee minority are so, but I find the male animal to be the fickle ones. And if you cross one, Oh my...LOOK OUT! Nuff said?

[ 18] Moiraine: Dalaran
Wed Jan 29 13:14:10 2003
To: all
You forgot the best way to survive in this realm Dal, that being the oft employed skill of saferoom sitting. I've relied on it myself on a few occassions. That when the better part of valor is discretion comes into play. :) Just thought you might want to ammend your comments.
Moiraine, Wisdom's keeper of the kitchen fountain!

[ 19] Moiraine: Pride, me, et all.
Sun Sep 28 14:17:17 2003
To: all
Pride (Darkness) and I (Hunt) were grouped in Ofcol. A Coven, namely Dingbat, attacked our group. Dingbat knew fully well that Pride, an ally was in the group, but attacked non the less. I died, and Dingbat continued to attack Pride. Pride picked up my corpse before Dingbat could, and then fled, recalled, and returned it to me. Pride was upset that Coven had attacked him, and when Dingbat demanded Pride return my corpse to him, Pride refused. Dingbat cannot claim that he wasn't aware of the fact that we were grouped because he didn't take the time to find out before initiating the pk. Dingbat also continued to fight Pride after I died, attempting to blynd him, etc. Dingbat knew what he was doing. In light of this, I want to know why Pride is in the cooler for his actions? Is grouping with me sufficient reason to put him in the cooler? Or is it because he didn't return a corpse to someone who tried to kill him? That someone was supposed to have been an ally. What if Pride had killed Dingbat for attacking him? He'd have been put in the cooler anyway. It's a no win situation for Pride. Ok, Pride grouped with an enemy, so cooler him for that, but Geez, lets get over this crap about him being coolered for giving my corpse back. Dingbat attacked an ally and left empty handed for it. End of story so wipe your nose Dingbat and stop bawling. I'm sick to death of Coven's snotty nosed brats whining when they don't get their own way.
Moiraine, Red Ajah of Hunt.

[ 26] Moiraine: Re: Moiraine
Sun Dec 7 19:44:04 2003
To: all
Well, that is indeed a dilema then Rand. Well, how about making it a non-combat spell. Haunt is non-combat. It's succeed or fail. Why not make Turning a non-combat spell, capable of being cast in a saferoom. If you fail, the ghost continues to haunt you. You only get one try, just like now. Gee, that was a tough solution to think of, wasn't it? Moiraine.

[121] Moiraine: Haunt/Turning
Sun Dec 7 15:31:47 2003
To: all
Viewing Status: ALL
There seems to be a lot of nuisance haunting in the realm of late. I've watched several folks haunt others from a safe room, yet, being one of those on occassion haunted, I've found that I am not allowed to turn ghosts from a safe room. Why is that? If you fear that giving clerics the ability to turn from a safe room will negate the shaman spell, that's not true. Haunt works best when you can get someone who is out and about anyway for they then must turn the ghost, fight it, or find a saferoom. It only seems fair that if you can be lazy, or clever and you can haunt from a safe room, that we clerics get the ability to be equally lazy, or clever and turn that same ghost from within a safe-room.

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