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Created 1995
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Warrior
Last Seen 1996
Followed Nalya
Partner Xymo

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [      Paladin      ] Ankara: still on duty.  MM/Tyn, when you have time?           06/30/96

Character History:


  • When Nalya became a god+, some strange quirk of code caused Ankara to maintain her status as a Paladin. It required Implementor intervention to repair.

Player Provided Information:

(One of Ankara's Alts) says (in common) '*OOC* Ankara is up to effective 29 now'.
(One of Ankara's Alts) says (in common) 'she's been on so much waiting for an imp to show up and deordain her, she's leveled a few times...'.

Personal Timeline:

12/1995: Nalya becomes a Demi Goddess, leading the PBS (Pink Bunny Slippers). Her first worshipper is Znarx. A number of individuals seek to be her Ordained - among them, Ankara, Lorna, and Thomas. A competition of sorts is held, and Anakara becomes her first Paladin. Ankara and Xymo are wed by Nalya.
06/30/96: Ankara hits effective 29.

Player Information:

Anakara lived in Arizona, and was a female mudder.