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Status Deleted
Classes Paladin
Followed Lorna

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WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa:23             ] Dove Falconhand promising Bard of TFC.                            February 1996
Hum [      Paladin      ] Dove: Tiger Paladin.                                              March 16, 1997

Character History:

12/22/2003: Chosen of Fate Ftell

Kethran ftells, 'Noone is "unkillable" ;)'.

Faile ftells, 'Vex comes close, in my opinion'.

Pol ftells, 'I dunno....Keller in his prime....Vex, yeah....Godzilla was a monster....'.
Pol ftells, 'Dove....*shivver*....'.

Faile ftells, 'Dove?'.

Abe ftells, 'Keller was never a tank. Dove was nuts.'.


  • Dove was deleted for using an enchant weapon bug.

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Player Information:

  • Dove was part of the "Hawaii Crew."