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Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Warrior
Followed Cerebus

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Hum [      Paladin      ] Athena: Shick, sicka, shaa!                    (Date Unknown: Molo's Archives)
Hum [      Paladin      ] Athena:  need help?  give me a tell            04/05/1996
Hum [      Paladin      ] Athena is confused, cursed, poisoned, deaf     04/16/1996 

Character History:


  • Athena was the paladin of the Court of Justice. As such, she is described in Cerebus's Temple.
  • Athena was the topic of a trivia question on 08/14/2002 (question #12 - Athena was the Ordained of which Immortal.)

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