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Kalten (I)
Lord of the Ivory Rose
Lesser God
Created June 22th 1995
Status Retired
Race Human
Classes Paladin
Followed Psykill
Areas Written The Ent Forest
Sahuagin City
The Master's Tower
Immorted Ambassador: Aug 1995
Demi: Sept 1995
Lesser: Apr 1996
Admin Duties Ivory Rose

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Your gaze rests upon Kalten, the Keeper of the Ivory Rose. An aura of faint
white light surrounds him, radiating purity and peace. When he returns your
gaze, you detect great wisdom in his bright, blue eyes. Curly blonde locks
just cover his ears, and a smile appears on his face. Looking at his bright
white armour, one item immediately draws your attention. In his hand, Kalten
gently holds a simple rose, entirely made of snow-white ivory. The tremendous
beauty of this rose holds your gaze, and you feel comforted and strengthened
by the purity it radiates. When you manage to draw away your gaze from it,
you decide this is the most beautiful and wonderful item you have ever seen.
Kalten is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

08/23/1995  -  Hum [      Paladin      ] Kalten the Crusading Knight

Kalten's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

As a child, Kalten always wanted be a knight. When He was twelve years of age, He offered his services to one. Kalten learned quickly, and at the age of seventeen He was released from his duties. He had learned about fighting and surviving, and began exploring the outside world.

Years passed, and one day He met PSYKILL, the Lord of Dragons. Kalten was very impressed by the sight of this Immortal, and He humbly asked PSYKILL for permission to join His following. PSYKILL allowed Kalten to worship Him, and again many years passed serving His God.

Then one day Kalten heard of a quest. PSYKILL wanted one of His warriors to become His Paladin. Kalten eagerly joined the quest, and profiting from the experience He had gained in the past years, He won the quest. Serving PSYKILL for many years as His Paladin, Kalten helped good and fought evil wherever he could. After numerous adventures the Gods noticed His devotion, and decided that Kalten had gained enough wisdom to become an Immortal Himself.

Exploring His Immortal powers, Kalten discovered a forest He had never seen before. Walking through the forest He saw many creatures, trees and flowers of enormous beauty. In the center of the huge forest, however, Kalten found the most beautiful of all. A small rosebush was growing in the middle of a green meadow surrounded by a circle of trees, and the light of the sun shone upon the only flower. Kalten was dazzled by the sight of that flower, and decided that this embodiment of beauty and purity had to be preserved. He used His powers to turn the living rose into the whitest ivory, and dedicated the rest of His Immortal life to teaching others the value of the purity He had found.

After many generations of mortal men, the Immortal Kalten has learned everything about His Immortal powers. He had experienced love and hate, life and death, purity and sin. The High Gods noticed his wisdom, and decided Kalten was worthy of becoming one of the Lesser Gods.


Personal Timeline: