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Lysanthir T'Sarran
Created 1996/1997
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2008
Followed Agape
Partner Lorali
Parents Jyslin
Relatives (Various adoptees in the T'Sarran Clan)*

Mud Contributions/Notes:

[Idea 217] Lysanthir: Nevyn
Thu May 1 18:39:34 2003
To: all
****************************** Feedback ***************************************
=>Tynian, Thu May 01 03 22:07:44: Get over it.
Viewing Status: ALL
please, please, make him stop singing again. He's annoying spam, nothign more

[Note 20] Lysanthir: Attacks?'
Sun Jul 7 09:52:38 2002
To: Tripper Cordir
I'm happily exping with one of Myronides followers, Brightbranch when Ripper comes, looks at me, gets a sanct than trys to mob kill me. Now I've followed Agape and was a force of righteousness, than Cerebus and Tel before they retired. Than in 3.x I played maybe 20 hours under Asia. The only pk I committed in my 20 hrs of playing in the last 4 years was some Kindred. I'm not sure how I'm on any pk lists or such, but I figure it was just a character -Ripper- looking for a reason to pk.
Now no real harm was done, and it doesn't bother me to much, the Tigers I respect wouldn't do this but perhaps rein in the less trustworthy? Or you can explain to me why I'm pkable.

Thank You for your time,
Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive WarMAge of Pain

Current Description:

12/29/1999 - 04/27/2008:
A tall elf with long black hair streaked with silver. The silver
in his hair matches the silver in his eyes. His eyes shimmer as he
he gives you a small smirk and asks,
'What do you want?'
Lysanthir is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Wa:17 Ma:17       ] Lysanthir Tsarran           (Knowledge)                   04/29/1997
Elf [ Wa:20 Ma:20       ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive WarMage of Knowledge          05/10/1997
Elf [ Ma:22 Wa:24       ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive WarMage of Knowledge          06/1997
Elf [ Wa:27 Ma:24       ] Lysanthir: Purveyor of Abrasive Justice                   10/19/1997 <- Pre 3x conversion
Elf [ Wa:24 Ma:24       ] Lysanthir Tsarran: Abrasive, Court, Lorali                11/17/1997
Elf [ Wa:24 Ma:24       ] Lysanthir Tsarran: Abrasive, Court, Lorali                12/13/1997
Elf [    Wa:24 Ma:24    ] Lysanthir Tsarran: Passionately Abrasive  (Lorali)        04/23/1998
Elf [ Th: 5 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Lysanthir Tsarran: Abrasive WarMage of Knowledge          11/17/2001
Elf [ Th: 5 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Lysanthir Tsarran: Abrasive WarMage of Pain    *Lorali*   06/04/2002
Elf [ Ma:26 Wa:24 Th: 9 ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive                               10/31/2002
Elf [ Ma:26 Wa:24 Th: 9 ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive WarMage                       10/10/2003
Elf [ Ma:28 Wa:24 Th: 9 ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive FoLK WarMage                  01/11/2004
Elf [ Ma:28 Wa:24 Th: 9 ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive WarMage                       07/09/2005
Elf [ Ma:28 Wa:24 Th: 9 ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Painfully Abrasive WarMage             04/27/2008

Character History:


  • Lysanthir was mentioned in Pitt's Not Retiring Note.
  • Lysanthir's birth was roleplayed on the mud for over an hour. This fact has been mentioned in multiple trivia contests. (The Birth of Lyanthir Tsarran)
  • While Lysanthir's mother, Jyslin remarried a second time (Tripper) and named her new spouse as head of Clan T'Sarran and adopted several folks into the clan, Lysanthir never acknowledged these 'relatives' and often threatened to kill them.
  • Lysanthir jumped into the fun of Maimer & Dalaran vs Craige.
  • Darkmoon gets bag made from Lysanthir hide from Pure Darkness.
  • Lysanthir's description was captured by Cordir as part of the Rogue's Gallery, a section on Cordir's website lauding 2x characters.


### [Lysanthir tells Abe (in common), 'tank or die!'] (08/01/2002)
### [Lysanthir says (in common), 'like I said, your lucky your cute'] (08/19/2002)
### [Lysanthir tells Abe (in common), 'any slower to 50 and I'm going to start calling you Tokugawa'.] (09/04/2002)

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

10/17/1997: Lysanthir has a KILLER flag.
09/10/1999: Cordir and Lysanthir discuss Family Matters involving Gregar.
01/19/2001: Lysanthir gossips (in common), 'In 3 months or so everyone will be Nashite and the mud will die. Simple.'.
10/07/2001: [ 24] Lysanthir: Orgrim / Sun Oct 7 06:35:53 2001 / To: all / I'd say the more funny part of that list is that I couldn't find what I'd consider one powerful, skilled characters name on it. Someday there will be a camper that kills more than true newbies and low skill players. Till Than. Auf Wiedersehen! -- Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive WarMage of Pain. The Greatest Gods ever? Asia and Agape!
11/13/2001: Tynian posts a note announcing many changes for version 2.83. In response, Lysanthir posts this note: [ 21] Lysanthir: Knowledge / Tue Nov 13 06:13:44 2001 / To: Tynian All / Thank you Tyn! This old Knowledger is back! - Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive WarMage of Knowledge 11/17/2001: Lysanthir gossips (in common), 'Is it me or is Cordir losing it?'. Cordir gossips, 'This is the new and improved, lemon scented me. humble, friendly and a bit more personable. = ) Its amazing what retirement does to your perspective.'.
07/12/2002: [ 16] Lysanthir: 3dam ring for Trade / Fri Jul 12 04:32:34 2002 / To: all / Well I'm being picking. For this 3dam ring I want 3 simple items. 2 3ints and one 3con item. In the ring, ring and boot slots. so any combination of con and int using the ring, ring, boots slot that gives me 6int, 3con. - Lysanthir Tsarran, Abrasive
08/13/2002: Lysanthir auctions (in common), 'Woho I should get a medal. First mage to do id's for a God :)'.
04/27/2008: Lysanthir gossips (in elven), 'I'm just shocked I'm not lvl 1'.

Player Information: