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Darkfang Elvenwolf-Tsarran (I - VI)
Created 2001
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Classes Ranger
Followed Tripper
Partner Bevier
Parents adopted Mother: Jyslin T'Sarran
adopted Father: Trap T'Sarran-Sturdivant
Relatives adopted sister: Aslan T'Sarran

Character History:

<basic pre-level-1 history to come - right now this is off the top of my head, + news/timeline information>
Darkfang always wanted to be a Tiger, so as soon as she was eligible she approached Tripper to be able to follow him. He interviewed her, gave her a Tiger quest, and she set out upon it. In the ensuing months, she completed the quest (gathering at least 5 unique items, each from different hometowns of her (South) continent, without using the vortex) at least 3 times, as she had a bad habit of appearing in the realm _just_ after Tripper had left, and as was preyed upon by some of the young hunters of the time, she occasionally lost her collection. She had begun her career as a ranger, however, so ranging and roving all over her homeland was an exciting proposition for her. By the time she met up with the Tiger Lord and was able to turn in her quest collection, she knew the South Continent quite well, and had developed not only a love of exploring on the ground, so to speak, but also an increasing skill set by which she avoided later kills.

Darkfang loved the honor that was intrinsic to the Tigers, and eventually became the Tiger Den Mother (TDM). She spent a lot of time pinned to the floor by Taaut, Tripper's invisible Tiger, who would rummage through her backpack for steaks. She and her good friend Aslan were adopted by Jyslin T'Sarran, the TDM at the time, and the connection still means a great deal to her.

When the Tigers disbanded, Darkfang eventually joined the FoLK (Fellowship of Lore and Knowledge) under Lady Clue. The FoLK were formed after the removal of 'Sentry' followings, but they remained pacifist, nonetheless. DF thrived in the FoLK, sharing her maps, hints, and tips with the other members of the FoLK, and learning a great deal from them, as well. Over her time as a follower of Clue, she became especially close to Bevier, Mistyfier, Fobro, Wolfwood, and Elise.


  • Also known as DF, she's been called both Darkfang and DarkFang, and has referred to herself by both. Usually Darkfang.
  • The first PK attempt on Darkfang was by Cici, who summoned her while she was having a conversation with Whitehawk (then attendant of Unity).
  • Darkfang survived several pre-damage cap attacks by Orgrim, usually with 31 hp remaining.
  • The first time Darkfang saw Okk, he was retired, and asking about those who had plague in various hometowns. She didn't realize he wasn't simply an ogre ordained of one of the evil followings, so was very reticent in answering his questions. Speaking with Tyrell later reassured her as to Okk's status, and since then she has grown to consider Okk one of her good friends.
  • Because Darkfang was a pacifist, information-gatherer, and explorer, she enjoyed a fairly close relationship with several members of the Chosen of Fate.


Written by Cordir

Luminous grey eyes meet yours, filledwith an odd, warring combination of welcome and wariness. The woman before you stands quietly watching, but in her stillness is the lithe,grace of the mother wolf the instant before leaping into battle to ward her cubs or pack. Her blonde hair, bleached from a life spent out of doors in the wild, has unusual lupine streaks of grey-black in its length, which reaches past her hips in its tight, neat braid. Short of stature but still giving the impression of strength, she remains alert even in supposedly 'safe' environs. Her hands, which hover near both the scabbards of her twin blades and the pouches that hold the elements needed for her spells, are calloused, but clean. Not the hands of a highborn lady, they appear capable and dextrous. Here and there, her face, arms, collarbone and hands are dotted with scars; some are old and white, others all too crimson and fresh. Garbed in travel worn but neatly mended, brown leather breeches and tunic and a soft, full-sleeved, open necked shirt of deep green, she looks like she would blend in well in the forest she loves. Only the bonds and loyalty that tie her to her pack - the Tigers - and her adoptive family - House T'Sarran - could make her leave her beloved woods.

Alpha female of the Lupine Tiger Pack, Sister to Arianos, and Den Mother, (DarkFang is in perfect health

Personal Timeline:

Friday November 06, 2009 22:41 (SPAR) Darkfang killed by Bevier (II).
Tuesday September 15, 2009 21:50 Darkfang (VI) has returned after a very long absense! YAY!!
Tuesday September 15, 2009 21:50 Darkfang (VI) reformed from Clue's following.
Tuesday September 15, 2009 21:50 Darkfang (VI) (level 20 mage, level 19 ranger) recovered from deletion.
Thursday February 19, 2004 14:29 Darkfang (VI) killed the small golem for mobmastery level 17.
Saturday January 03, 2004 12:02 Darkfang (VI) killed a halfling for mobmastery level 16.
Saturday January 03, 2004 11:46 Darkfang (VI) killed a halfling for mobmastery level 15.
Friday January 02, 2004 21:19 Darkfang (VI) leveled her mage class to level 20.
Saturday December 06, 2003 17:20 Darkfang (VI) leveled her ranger class to level 19.
Friday November 07, 2003 22:10 Darkfang (VI) leveled her ranger class to level 18.
Monday September 22, 2003 12:19 DarkFang (VI) leveled her ranger class to level 17.

Player Information:

Darkfang was my first character, created shortly after I was introduced to TFC by Tyrell. Her backstory started out relatively simple, but certain people wanted to add to it until it became overly grandiose. Until very late in Darkfang's existance she was played entirely on telnet (or ssh from the university computers) so in order to keep her surviveable (which, eventually, she got to), my typing reflexes actually got pretty quick (especially fl;qua red; or eventually, fl;qua shimmering).