Harper's Landing

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Harper's Landing
Type Racial City (Human)
Author Madman
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Harper's Landing is also on the northern continent, near the headwaters of the River Fastwater. Home of the finest apple pies in all the world, it is a truly wonderful place to live...as long as the Orcs stay away. New Humans usually sail down the river and play at the Midgaard swimming hole rather than face the dangers of the woods nearby.

Player Provided Information


Map of Harper's Landing by Soloban

                          North Entrance  
                                 |     |
                                 |     |
                     Guardhouse--|--Guild Hall
                                 |     |
                                 |   Portal
                City Hall        |
          Hardware | Constable   |--Chapel (Clerics)
             Store-|-Office      |
          Home     |             |      Home
            |      |   Bakery    |       |
            |     Mage's Home    |       |
Southern----|      Lab           |      Home  
Entrance                     |Orchard|