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The current TFC website can be found at The current Webmistress is Marisa.

1996 Original Site by Madman
2001 Redesign by Cordir

The look and content of the website has changed many times over the years. Here's a glimpse of what the website looked like in 1998, when TFC was hosted by Globalcenter, and Madman was serving as the webmaster, and 2001, when Cordir was webmistress.

On the earliest version of the website, Madman created a TFC Hall of Fame. It listed the only five players to reach level 50 (at that time). Another item on that site was the TFC Website Visitor Log, where players could sign their names.

Credits to the Creators and Contributors - Original Site through 2001:

  • Madman: Original Content Author, Original Webmaster
  • Thaygar: Assisting Author, Layout Author
  • Sinclair: Illustrator of Original TFC Banner Graphic
  • Cordir: Layout Review, Updates Author, Previous Webmistress
  • Polnevdra: Arch-Lich image on Molo's page and Madman image on Madman's page.
  • Shara L. J. Wilson, of Professional Illusions: Illustrator of TFC Northern Continent Map.
  • Elladan: Illustrator of TFC Southern Continent and Maelmordian Seas Maps
  • Scott Snedeker of IdeaWorks: New TFC Logo
  • James Ellis of Dark Epiphany Studios for Technical Assistance
  • Abender Stormreaver: Technical Assistance
  • Elladan and Nayr for going through the site with a fine toothed comb for whoopsies.