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There are a wide variety of quests on TFC. Some are Immortal-sponsored and driven, and others are player-initiated.

Player Initiated Quests:

  • Location Quest: Find a specific room within the mud, given a small hint, within a specific time duration. (Solo)
  • Mobmastery Quest: Find and kill a specific mob within the mud within a specific time duration. (Solo)
  • Scavenger Quest: Find and submit items from randomly generated list. (Solo or Group)
  • Mob Hunt Quest: Find and kill mobs from a system-generated list, earning a certain number of points to advance to the next round. (Group)

Immortal Initiated Quests:

WARNING: Cordir has much more stringent rules for behavior during quests that she runs! Be aware of this PRIOR to involvement!!

  • Arch-Mob Mini-Quest (slang: AMMQ): Survive 20 minutes with all of the Arch-Mage mobs hunting you down!
  • Scavenger Hunt: Find and submit items from a generating list.
  • Bug Hunt: Slay as many spiders as you can and turn them in for prizes! (Don't turn in non-spider corpses, though!)
  • Cat & Mouse: Evade the 'cats' (other players) hunting you, and win a prize!
  • The Great Race: A solo challenge to puzzle out locations and beat the clock!
  • Immortal Golf: The immortal is the golfer and you are the ball! Survive being hit for 18 holes (teleport).

Seasonal Quests:

Special Quests:

  • Triat Mastery Quests: Open only to adherents of a Triat Faith, who have reached level 30. See Cordir.
  • Class Mastery Quests: Designed to challenge your knowledge and mastery of your chosen classes. (Outdated, built for 3x, need updating.)
  • Area Lore Quests: Written by individual zone authors, these challenges can be found on the wiki page for that zone.