12 Days of Christmas

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Official Information

The 12 Days of Christmas Quest was Created by Lycron and ran for 24 hours from December 23-24th 2011 with item submissions accepted up to 4 days after the end quest date.

Official Announcement

My Christmas gift has gone totally wrong! I wanted
to present the mighty Implementor with a unique Christmas
gift, but alas disaster has struck. My twelve days of
Christmas have escaped from their cages and ran off in
all directions. I need your help hunting these vermin,
err... friendly creatures down! Please help me account
for the following, each has a unique item you will need
to collect as proof that they have been slain and I
can put this terrible mistake behind me!

1.) Patridge in a pear tree - 150 points
2.) Turtle doves - 75 points
3.) French hens - 50 points
4.) Calling birds - 40 points
5.) fiiiiive goooolden riiiiings - 35 points
6.) Six geese a-laying - 30 points
7.) Swans a-swiming - 25 points
8.) Maids a-milking - 20 points
9.) Ladies dancing - 15 points
10.) Lords a-leaping - 10 points
11.) Pipers piping - 5 points
12.) Drummers drumming - 1 point

You will have 24 hours notice prior to the official start
of the quest, from that point you will have 24 hours to
collect as many items as possible. Turn in will be on
the third day.

1st.) 1 Non-dmg Stat Voucher, 1 Restring Credit
2nd.) 1 Restring Credit, 1 Cold One
3rd.) 1 Cold one, a pat on the back for effort


The mobs are going to be released, tomorrow 23 December at 22:00(10PM)
MUD time. You will 24 hours to hunt down all mobs, once they are killed
they will not respawn. The previous note stipulates the quantities of
mobs. Best of luck to you!


1st.) Troy 617 Points
2nd.) Shilea 113 Points
3rd.) Raage 70 points