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Official Information


       mobmastery check
       mobmastery resign
       mobmastery start

MOBMASTERY START initiates a mob mastery quest, if one is not already in
progress, or shows the status of a mob mastery quest already in
progress. Once a quest is started, you are told to find and kill a
specific mob. If you are told to hunt 'a guard,' it is not sufficient
to hunt and kill just any guard. In order to complete the quest, you
must kill the *specific* mob the game wants you to kill. If you are
unable to find or reach the specified mob, the quest will fail, once the
allowed time has elapsed. Once you kill the specified mob, you will
earn experience for the kill. Your status on 'who mobmaster' is also
updated. See HELP WHO for more details. HELP RANKINGS shows the
game-wide standings, as of the last reboot.

A mob mastery quest must be completed without assistance from other
players. Therefore, a mob mastery quest cannot be started if spells cast
on you by others are still in effect. In addition, once a quest has
started, ANY spells cast on you by other PC's, or ANY attacks from anyone
other than yourself on the mob you are hunting will automatically cause
you to fail your quest. A crash, reboot, or quitting the game while your
quest is still in progress will result in you failing the quest. A quest
failure results in not being able to start a quest again for a specific
number of ticks. After that time, you may try a mob mastery quest again.
The mobs get progressively more difficult as you get further along.

MOBMASTERY by itself or MOBMASTERY CHECK displays the current status of
your mobmastery quest, if one is in progress.

MOBMASTERY RESIGN allows you to resign from your mobmastery quest, and
carries with it the same penalties as failure.

Player Provided Information

If you get stumped, try this list for places to check: Mobmastery List