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The Doombringer
The Battlehammer
Created 09/22/98
Status Inactive
Race Dwarf
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2004
Followed Molo
Parents Father: Ghendar

Mud Contributions:

[ 25] Vhirrek: web page
Tue Mar 5 18:07:36 2002
To: all
For those who care, and those that don't. My web page is back up. It was unaccessable for a bit due to change of server, and I did not have time to go and change everything to be properly addressed. For those that wish to update the links from your pages or just view the site, the new address is: http://home.attbi.com/~cdp50/vhirrek.htm
Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave

Vhirrek: An Oath
Tue Aug 1 10:50:02 2000
To: all
I do hereby give my oath to all of the followers of Fate, that I will in no way harm them as long as I shall breathe. If I should ever break this oath, may Lord Nash himself punish me as he deems fit. I give my word to Lady Cordir and to all her followers, "I shall hunt you no more."
Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave

Current Description:

(Per his website via Wayback Machine):
Height: 58 inches
Weight: 152 pounds
Eyes: One red and one green
Hair: Black with silver streaks
Beard: Black with silver streaks, normally braided into 2 braids


Equipment List as of February 8, 2001: Per his website via the Wayback Machine:

<used as light>         (Weak magic) some phosphorus lichen                str(1) AG 
<worn on finger>        (Weak magic) an opal ring                          AC 2 dmg(2)
<worn on finger>        (Moderate magic) the perfect azurite ring          dex(2)  wis(2)
<worn around neck>      (Moderate magic) the scorching sea shell amulet    AC -12 hp(-10) dmg(2)
<worn around neck>      (Moderate magic) the glazed glass amulet           AC 0 dmg(3)
<worn on body>          a suit of spiked garde armor                       AC 8 dmg(2) 
<worn on head>          (Moderate magic) a ring mail helmet                AC 8 dmg(3)
<worn on legs>          a pair of ring mail leggings                       AC 5 dmg(3)
<worn on feet>          (Moderate magic) a pair of ring mail boots         AC 4 wis(1) dmg(2) dmg (1)
<worn on hands>         (Moderate magic) a pair of spiked knuckles         AC 1 dmg(3)
<worn on arms>          (Moderate magic) a pair of scale mail sleeves      AC 6 dmg(3)
<worn as shield>        (Moderate magic) a large wooden shield             AC 6 dmg(3)
<worn about body>       (Weak magic) a ring mail sash                      AC 7 dmg(2)
<worn about waist>      (Moderate magic) a splint mail girth               AC 7 str(3)
<worn around wrist>     (Moderate magic) a animal hide bracer              AC 2 str(3)
<worn around wrist>     (Moderate magic) the thin gold bracelet            AC 0  dmg(3)
<wielded>               (Potent magic) a spiked whip                       5-11 dmg(4) hr(4) AG AN
<worn with pride>       (Weak magic) (Glowing) a yin-yang pendant          wis(1) int(1)

WHO Lists:

Dwa [. . Wa:18 Cl:20. . ] Vhirrek, Priest of the Black Conclave                                01/20/1999
Dwa [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] [LE][   Molo] Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave             10/17/2000
Dwa [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] [LE][   Molo] Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave             01/22/2001
Dwa [       Cl: 7       ] Vhirrek would like to speak with Tynian please :)                    09/26/2003
Dwa [ Th: 1 Cl:30 Wa:30 ] [LE][   Molo] Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave             10/10/2003
Dwa [ Th: 4 Cl:30 Wa:30 ] [LE][   Molo] Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave             02/10/2004
Dwa [ Th: 5 Cl:30 Wa:30 ] [LE][   Molo] Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave             11/17/2004

Character History:

(Per his website, via Wayback Machine)
Vhirrek was born into Clan Battlehammer as the 2nd son of Ghendar, the 17th patron of the clan. He was quickly ushered into the role of 1st son upon the death of Kronph, Vhirrek's older brother. Kronph died when Vhirrek was the tender age of 61. He became the eldest son and last son in the line of Clan Battlehammer and thus the Clan's final hope to lead them into the future. During his early years Vhirrek was much like other dwarves working in the mines near Dwarvenhold. One day, the mining team that he was part of came under attack by duergar soldiers. While in that, his first, battle, he learned quickly how to use a hammer to crush skulls of opponents and how much being on the receiving end of a sword can hurt. He did not get badly wounded in that battle, but enough to require the services of Cardinal Auroron. As he underwent his treatment, Vhirrek became intrigued at the art of healing his fellow dwarf and asked the Cardinal to instruct him in the ways of the clergy. Soon Vhirrek became a mainstay on the patrols protecting the miners and with each and every battle, his hatred grew for the duergar.

One day Vhirrek went into the mines alone in hopes of finding some herbs for making medicinal packs. He would forever remember this day as he was attacked by a small patrol of duergar soldiers accompanied by a duergar cleric. He felt the pain as the duergar stabbed and sliced at his flesh, and as the cleric laid his hands on Vhirrek's body, just as Vhirrek had done a thousand times to heal a wound, only to feel excruciating pain. Vhirrek passed out and the duergar left him for dead. Upon awaking, he struggled to his feet and made his way tediously back to Dwarvenhold for what treatment he could garner. After this battle, there were wounds that could not be healed completely and Vhirrek was left with a disfiguring scar across his left eye. He just had to ask Cardinal Auroron how one could harm another simply by touching them with their hands. This brought some despair into the Cardinal, he had never had a student ask how to harm and this disturbed him. Cardinal Auroron gave a book to Vhirrek for him to read and discover the arcane art of causing wounds for himself. It was on this day that Cardinal Auroron and Vhirrek parted ways for the last time. Vhirrek absorbed the information in the book and learned all the arcane arts in their entirety. He still accompanied the patrols, but as a weapon now, not a healer.

Eventually Vhirrek saw that his role in the patrols was limited and wanted to do more to destroy the duergar scum that inhabited Dwarvenhold's mines. He was given the name of Captain Trag, by one of the patrol guards, as a source of training in the art of battle by weapon. Since his days as a young dwarf in the mines Vhirrek has been used to holding a hammer, Captain Trag told Vhirrek to practice with hammer like weapon called a mourning star. Not exactly like a hammer, but close enough that he felt comfortable fighting against the practice dummies with it. Over the next few years, under the tutelage of Captain Trag, Vhirrek got to a point where he wanted to test his skills on live opponents. And thus began his 3rd and final tour with the patrols in the mines, this time as a patrol leader. He truly enjoyed the feeling of a duergar's head splitting under the force of his weapon, so much so that occasionally he would heal the poor duergar warrior just to smash him again.

At some point in the next year or so, Vhirrek became bored with only killing duergar, he lusted for more creatures and things to kill. He made up his mind that he would keep a small hovel in Dwarvenhold and venture out into the world. With a wicked grin on his face he went to explore the old citadel ruins near Dwarvenhold and found it to be not quite so abandoned. There were chthonians inhabiting the old home of the dwarves. He found himself growing stronger as he killed more and more of them. He also found an ancient tunnel with a magical ward on the other side of the old citadel. It is said that this ward was put in place to protect the dwarven race from the dreaded N'kai. After some time in the citadel, Vhirrek went back to his hovel in Dwarvenhold and stored his traveling gear for a bit. He needed to find out more about the N'kai. He went straight to King Zentarion to learn all he could about this mysterious creature. After finding out that the N'kai practically wiped out all dwarves many decades before Vhirrek's birth, he was ready to again venture out into the world.

This time he would venture out of the mountain that he had called home for better than a century. He would fight polar bears, giant penguins, wolves and even ice worms. This is when he discovered that some creatures can have very nasty surprises in store for you. Who would have thought a worm to breathe acid? During this portion of his career Vhirrek spent much time running back to his home to gather new equipment with which to battle, since the ice worms had a knack for etching and deteriorating his armor to a useless state. This was also the period in which he first heard of Lord Nash for the first time. He had a long talk with an adventurer name Rocky, his first encounter with a human. In time Vhirrek came to accept the will of Lord Nash and asked Rocky about joining him in praising Lord Nash under the watchful eyes of the Arch-Lich (I will not mention his former mortal name, as he has transcended beyond mere mortality). He now became a pledged priest of the Black Conclave of Nashite (a title which he still wears proudly and and will defend to the death if necessary).

For the next 120 years Vhirrek traveled the realms fighting and killing creatures, all the time gaining in strength. His greatest challenge during this time came in the form of many demons. He came one day to a small shack in the woods north-east of Midgaard (a human city) which he found to contain a small hidden door in the floor. Vhirrek has always been a curious dwarf, and just had to open it and see what was under it. To his surprise he saw a gnome with several admirers. Being that gnomes are distant kin to the dwarven race, he didn't see much harm in venturing down into the hole. This was a special gnome tho, as Vhirrek sensed a magical power in him. After slaying that silly gnome and his admirers he ventured further into this new and unknown lair. Much to his surprise, he was attacked repeatedly at every turn by various types of demons. Before he knew what hit him he was in complete darkness and feeling just a little out of sorts with himself. When he came back to his senses he was amazed to find himself back in Dwarvenhold at the temple where he had studied under Cardinal Auroron. It all started to make sense when his memory came back, he must have been severely beaten and knocked unconscious. Some other adventurer must have found him and helped to transport him to his ancestral home. In any case, Vhirrek had made up his mind that he would not ever go back to that place willingly until he was much stronger.

That trial by demons was but one of many adventures for Vhirrek as he just kept getting stronger. Finally, he heard a voice command him to go and kill King Zentarion. The voice was one that was unknown yet familiar to Vhirrek, that of Lord Nash. Vhirrek had made a habit of not killing fellow dwarves in his adventures unless they attacked him, however, he was not about to disappoint his master. Vhirrek made his way from the mountains of the Southern Continent back to Dwarvenhold and set about his task of killing the king. Vhirrek actually revelled in this battle more so that he had thought he would, and when it was all over, he heard many voices telling him that he would grow no stronger. His adventuring career seemed to be at an end.

After several weeks of contemplating what he would do now with his life, Vhirrek decided that he would make himself available to help other people of the Nashite belief. He would do this by healing them and finding new and exciting equipment for them to use in their adventures. As a minor side effect, Vhirrek noticed that he could save much gold for his "retirement" that may happen someday. Well, at least he could use it to build himself a better home that his little hovel in Dwarvenhold. Someday, Lord Nash willing, Vhirrek may go to join his family.

The Doombringer & Fate

Details of Vhirrek's removal from the Anathema List can be enjoyed at the link above.


Petition for Immortality

[ 19] Vhirrek: Petition for immortality
Fri Aug 18 15:50:09 2000
To: Immortal
I, Vhirrek Doombringer, seek to petition you for immortality. I have played
this character for over 2 years and have achieved 40 effective levels as
well as 60 mobmasteries. I am ready to move on as there is nothing more that I
wish to accomplish as a mere mortal. I seek to help others of this realm
achieve what ever goals they set for themselves and most importantly, I wish
to help the others in the realm to have fun here.

Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave of Nashite

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

03/26/2000: Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave kills King Zentarion to reach level 30 cleric, and is named a member of Molo's High Council, becoming its 45th member.
08/01/2000: Vhirrek is removed from the Anathema list.
08/10/2000: Vhirrek completes Mob Mastery 58 - an Old Knight.
08/16/2000: Vhirrek completes Mob Mastery #60, and posts a Petition for Immortality. (See Above)
09/11/2000: Tylorn and Vulcan risk their lives to retrieve Vhirrek's corpse after he dies in Velalisier.
10/17/2000: Cordir and Vhirrek chat about his Immortality petition.
10/20/2000: Vhirrek hits 1000 hours of play.
02/09/2001: Maldobar, Katrana, and Vhirrek kill Justice.
02/10/2001: Vhirrek says (in common), 'well, no offense Lady Cordir...I think the Apostatize command makes immortals a useless part of the game now'. Vhirrek says (in common), 'there should be a following justification for those who self reform'.
11/09/2001: Virrek and Cordir again discuss his interest in Immortality.
09/25/2003: Vhirrek is back! 10/02/2003: Vhirrek is restored.
10/26/2003: Vhirrek tells you, 'I need to ask you if I am considered anathema'. You tell Vhirrek, 'as I recall, you and Abe discussed that, and your status of Anathema was Forgiven.'. Vhirrek tells you, 'I thought so, but I wanted to be sure .... if I was still anathema I wanted to correct it'. You tell Vhirrek, 'You are not, by my records. I believe it's even noted on the timeline when you were removed.'.

Player Information: