Legion of the Dawn

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The Legion of the Dawn
Led By Cecil
Created December 15, 2011
Alignment Good

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Following Description / FINFO:

The Legion of Dawn is a military machine whose holy mission is the complete and total annihilation of evil in the mortal world. Unrelenting and unyielding, it is the terrible hand of justice come to restore order and balance to the world. Ruled by the Lord Commander and governed by the Council of Officers, the Legion's might is drawn from mortal ability, ingenuity and sheer force of will rather than divine power.

"Freedom in Service. Courage in Battle. Glory in Death."


01/23/12: Hlugh, Oleander, Magdelan, Kylor, Iggwilv, Padrone, Maimer, Sanitarium, Krouk, Graphite, Morgaine, Miressa, Chartok, Maxwell.

Requirements for Entry

To be eligible for enlistment in the Legion, one must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a minimum of effective level 10
2. Possess a complete set of equipment
3. Be in good standing with the Authorities of the Mountain of Knowledge
4. Be of honorable repute or, if not, possess a sincere desire to change
5. Be willing to slay the wicked, knowing that you may be slain in turn
6. Be willing to display your rank and allegiance in either your title or description
7. Possess a willingness to carry out orders without question
8. Display a willingness to serve something greater than yourself
9. Be in obedience to all of the realm’s laws
10. Be respectful of Immortal Authority at all times
11. Be and remain in strict obedience to the laws of character separation

The Code of the Legion

1. I shall honor the Legion, the Immortals and the laws of the realm
2. I shall seek out and punish the wicked, ceaselessly opposing and battling evil
3. I shall retreat not from adversity nor challenge
4. I shall protect the innocent and defend the weak
5. I shall give alms and aid to those in need
6. I shall endeavor to be a champion of the people and worthy of their respect
7. I shall honor the righteous and strive to be among them


The Legion operates by virtue and hierarchy of rank. There are 14 ranks comprised of 7 officer and 7 non-officer positions. This is true of both the the Companions and the Reserve (LOOK STRUCTURE or SECTION4 in the temple). While their titles are different, each is equivalent in authority to its counterpart in the opposite division. Note that if an issue comes up when two players are online of equivalent rank, one being a Companion and one a reservist, it should be handled by the player of the division that the issue most directly relates to. On neutral issues they share authority. Special rank may be bestowed on an individual by the Lord Commander should he find them worthy of such an honor. Additionally, the Council of Officers may petition to have a special rank bestowed on an individual. Everyone who joins the Legion enters as an equal, regardless of experience or level. Promotions are made by either the Lord Commander or the Council.

Non-Officer Ranks (Companions | Reserve)
Squire | Page
Guard | Recruit
Sentry | Ward
Lineman | Herald
Soldier | Scout
Knight | Agent
Legionary | Warden

Officer Ranks (Companions | Reserve)
Centurion | Minister
Praetorian | Steward
Knight Captain | Magistrate
Captain Commander | Chancellor
Field Commander | High Chancellor
Banner General | Viceroy
Lord General | Executor

The First Decree: Holy Justice (PK)

Effective immediately, ALL evil characters are to be considered enemies and should be dispatched of accordingly. While you are not prevented from maintaining a relationship or remaining on friendly terms with another player of evil alignment, to conspire with them in any way will be considered an act of treason. You are not to assist an evil in any manner. Likewise, if you refuse an opportunity to deal out justice you will be subject to corrective measures. The looting of enemies who have been slain by mobs or other players is allowed. Consider this preventative maintenance. The killing and or looting of a linkdead player is discouraged but not a violation of Legion law.

"Slay them as they would slay you."

The slaying of unaligned players is permitted on the grounds that they regularly associate with, supply and support evils. Simply maintaining a friendship or working relationship with evils is not grounds for hostility against them. Any member of the Legion may recommend that an unaligned player be considered for marking. An unaligned player does not have to be marked to be slain. BE WARNED, if your justification for killing is met with question you will be called upon to defend your case before a Tribunal. If your motives are found to be lacking you will be subject to corrective measures. Additionally the Legion will recompense the victim, possibly at the expense of your own life and equipment.

By order of the Lord Commander

Disputes with the Legion

Any member of the public may petition either the Lord Commander of the Council of Officers to request a Tribunal to settle disputes with the Legion. As long as the request is not unreasonable, a Tribunal will be ordered. The persons holding seats on the Tribunal will be comprised of any of the following: Members of the Legion, members of the petitioner's camp or their friends, persons from other followings, unaligned persons, or willing Immortals. The persons holding seats on the Tribunal will have to be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Trade Policy

Members of the Legion are permitted to trade with any persons who are of good alignment or unaligned. Trading with evils is permitted on the grounds that the trade is not blatantly slanted in the favor of the evil party. If a trade is met with question, the trader will be called upon to defend his actions before a Military Tribunal. If the offending party is found guilty they will be subject to corrective measures.


[ 27] Cecil: Recent Events

Tue May 29 18:35:04 2012
To: all
With the amount of public bickering that has gone on I have decided that it is
time I address some issues personally in the hope of clarifying some things.

--- Speaking as the Lord Commander of the Legion ---
1. The Legion responds to actions, not auras. If you conduct yourself as an enemy
you should not expect to be treated as an ally. If you feel entitled to specific
treatment based solely on your alignment, know that the Legion does not view your
aura as a license to conduct evil deeds or a shield to protect you from evil action.

2. Many of us differ in our opinions as to what is good and what is evil and how
to distinguish between the two. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and fully
within their rights to respond and conduct themselves as they see fit. When there
is a difference in opinion concerning matters such as these there is often a degree
of tension and conflict. This is natural and I would expect nothing less. That being
said, decency and common courtesy should be maintained. I will look to my own to see
that this happens. I hope the rest of you do the same.

3. There are individuals who appear to have made it their mission to criticize and
defame the Legion. While patience is a virtue the Legion holds in high esteem, do
not expect my soldiers to shoulder your taunts and insults without response forever.

--- Speaking as a player and immortal of the realm ---
1. I see character separation, or more specifically the lack thereof in this case,
playing a critical role here. If you play multiple characters and do not want them
all treated the same, then an effort should be made to separate them. Much of what
has happened is the direct result of people playing their good aligned characters
exactly the same way as they do their evil ones and trying to carry out the same
agenda. While there is nothing in the rules strictly prohibiting anyone from doing
this, it certainly paints them with the same brush.

2. Badgering and harassing other players is never okay. I am not online 24/7 and
do not see and hear everything that transpires. If any member of the Legion is
communicating with you in a manner that you find disturbing, inappropriate or
simply interfering with your enjoyment of the game, post a note to me and I will
be happy to address it. I also suggest you log the incident and post a note to
the staff as is proper protocol.

3. In my personal observations, the ones shouting "fire!" are the same ones who
have been spreading the flames. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

Lastly, let us Remember that this is a game. What I command my followers to do
is part of the RP I have built into my following. It isn't personal and I am very
careful never to direct in-game actions at the player behind the character. I have
always taken character separation very seriously and believe everyone should be able
to create and play characters of varying alingments without blanket judgments being
made based on the player behind them.

Cecil, Lord Commander of the Legion.