Black Ogre Clan

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Black Ogre Clan
Status Active
Race Ogre-Kin
Leader Grymm, Founder

Roles within the Group/Hierarchy:

Group Members:

Founding Members: Grymm, Mekt, Toonse, Glash, JUMBO and Primal.

WHO Lists:

Unknown    Ogr [ Wa:30 Sh:30. .. . ] Buttercup Grand Necromancer of the Conclave BOC Leader
Unknown    Ogr [ Wa:18. .. .. .. . ] Mellina, temptress of the Watchers. . (BOC)
Unknown    Ogr [. .. . Sh:24. .. . ] Okk, Shaman of the Black Conclave [BOC]
01/31/12   Ogr [ Wa:30 Tg: 9 Sh:30 ] Avoozl, Shaman of the Nashite Magi        {BOC}
01/31/01   Ogr [    Wa: 5 Sh:12    ] Balia, Black Cauldron of Pain  NASH  BOC
02/11/03   Ogr [       Wa:30       ] Bashur,purging the Black   Ogre Clan of nashism.
08/15/05   Ogr [       Wa:10       ] Corbin,    *BOC*
10/07/01   Dwa [    Wa:15 Th:11    ] Democritus, vertically challenged dwarf-ogre of the BOC
11/17/96   Ogr [ Sh: 8             ] Draco back with Kindred + BOC 
03/16/02   Ogr [       Wa:19       ] Droane, Sentry of the Black Conclave [NASH][BOC]
11/13/11   Ogr [ Bard:  30  30  29 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar of the Nashite Magi -BOC-
12/10/11   Ogr [    Sh:24 Wa:20    ] Gore of the Black   Ogre Clan
08/19/96   Ogr [ Sh:11             ] Grost(BOC)(WATCHER)  and i am Watching *you*
03/03/03   Ogr [    Sh: 7 Wa:10    ] Gruug Nashite Guitaraes of the Draoi =NASH= BOC
02/15/06   Ogr [      Servant      ] Guartwog, Nefarious Cenobite of the Conclave *BOC*
01/18/03   Ogr [       Wa:25       ] Hummer, Scourge of the Black   Ogre Clan **NASH**
08/31/01   Ogr [       Wa:11       ] Jazek:             (BOC)
11/29/02   Ogr [       Wa:19       ] Knuckles, Guard of the Black Conclave (BOC)
10/10/04   Ogr [    Wa:27 Sh:30    ] Kodak, Black Dragon          *Black   Ogre Clan*
12/17/02   Ogr [       Wa:19       ] Kolug, Nashite Scourge of the Black   Ogre Clan
09/26/11   Ogr [ Sh:18 Wa:17 Tg:17 ] Lenge Meat Shield of the Nashite Magi *Mekt* =BOC=-
01/11/03   Ogr [     Themaoddis    ] Martyr, Nashite Harridan of the Black   Ogre Clan.
10/12/01   Ogr [      Retired      ] Mekt of the Black   Ogre Clan of Nashite
09/09/00   Ogr [    Wa:30 Sh:30    ] Mong the Barbarian    [BOC-Pain]
09/18/00   Ogr [       Wa:21       ] Natia, Sentry of the Black Conclave *BOC*
07/30/06   Ogr [       Wa: 5       ] Ogdrum of the Black   Ogre Clan
08/31/11   Ogr [    Wa: 2 Sh:10    ] Ogree.                              *BOC*
11/13/11   Ogr [    Wa:30 Sh:30    ] Orgrim, Vile Marauder of the Nashite Magi. [BOC]=NASH=
06/30/96   Ogr [ Wa: 4 Sh:15       ] Rain thinks it's easy being blue. (Syla)(BOC)
11/01/00   Ogr [    Wa: 5 Sh:15    ] Shemidah: Chaotic [Pain]ful Destruction [BOC]
03/21/99   Ogr [    Wa:30 Sh:30    ] Stouthbound, High Voodoo Priest of the Conclave [BOC]
10/14/00   Ogr [       Wa:15       ] Synge, Squire of the Black Conclave    [BOC]
12/17/02   Ogr [    Sh: 8 Wa:12    ] Wizimust, Nashite Scourge of the BOC -Draoi-
12/08/02   Ogr [    Sh:16 Wa:15    ] Xantam, Nashite Scourge of the Black   Ogre Clan.

Group Beliefs/Goals/Objectives:

Group Method For Achieving Beliefs/Goals/Objectives:

Group History/Lineage:

The Black Ogre Clan was an independant group of Ogre Nashites. Members were oftentimes - though not always - in Nashite followings, including Watchers, Black Conclave, Pain, Draoi, and Magi.


  • While Mekt is the most famous (and long-term) leader of the Black Ogre Clan, it was originally founded by Grymm. Mekt made reference to Grymm in his 'bamfout' : Mekt recites a passage from "The Book of Grymm" and slowly fades out of existence.
  • In 2002, Keat tried to get voted in as the head of the BOC, despite being a bird. (see Timeline)
  • The Black Ogre Clan was referenced in the FINFO for the Draoi.

Restring References

  • Maximus was spotted on 05/26/2003 wearing <worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a signet ring of the Black Ogre Clan -- though it is not believed he was the original owner.
  • Mekt included <worn with pride> a sigil of the Black Ogre Clan as part of his description, but it is unknown if this was replicating an item he wore as a mortal.

Player Provided Information:

Timeline of Events:

11/20/2002: Keat gossips (in common), 'ok... here is the secret i had-- i wanted to be head of BOC --- so i could close it down forEVER'.
02-11-2003: Bashur challenges Martyr for leadership of the BOC, attempting to restructure it as a non-Nashite group.

Notes Referencing the Black Ogre Clan