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Status Deleted
Retired 1997
Followed Siren
Immorted Between 1995 & 1997
Following Watchers

Primal's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Born a Half-Ogre Primal was despised from birth by all that was good in the land. Never knowing his true parents he grew up in a world that was often cruel and harsh. However being he was the typical Ogre he withstood his early years on strength alone and caught the eye of the one person who would inspire him to greatness. This person was his Mistress, Siren, Goddess of the Dark Mist. She took him into her fold and formed his character to her will. Under her tutelage he met other great Ogres who banded together as one to defeat those who had tormented them in their early years. He became fast friends with Mekt, Grymm and JUMBO, all great and powerful Ogre warriors who roamed the land ***DEMOLISHING*** all that stood in their way. During his time as a mortal Primal followed certain guidelines to keep him on the path of evil and power:
1) NEVER under any circumstance help a blue aura'd character, unless there's something you can gain that exceeds what you do.
2) Listen to ALL the gods good or evil and do what they tell you.
3) Pking is up to the individual, not a prerequisite.
4) Look to other followers and yourself before asking your god's assistance.
5) And under NO circumstances will whining be tolerated!!

Character History

Primal was deleted for cheating in 1997