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Official Information

Shunned by most races, especially the good aligned, ogres are large, primarily evil humanoids. Although a good Ogre-Kin occasionally shows up, they pay a high price for their standards. Ogres are not prone to good grooming habits, often in excess of many years, which many others find moderately repulsive. Most ogres tend towards a straightforward approach to life, exemplified by their philosophy, "If you can't kill it, why bother?" This lifestyle does not recognize luck, for which luck has done likewise to them. In addition, it has not given most ogres the chance to foster any great intelligence, nor wisdom. Their great strength, hardy constitutions and ability to soak up the inevitable damage their lifestyle brings to them, has allowed this race to continue as a force to be reckoned with. When all else fails, their long legs can carry them far away from trouble. They disdain competition from the other races, and tend to fight much more aggressively against these so-called competitors.

Evil and unaligned ogres are able to eat mob corpses for a small amount of nourishment.

Ogre-Kin can be a shaman, warrior or thug.

Ogre-Kin come from Og in the north or Skull Top in the south.

Player-Supplied Information

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Rumor and Speculation

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Famous Ogre-Kin