Life's Blood

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Life's Blood of Nashite
Led By Okk
Attendants Tamar (02/00)

Following Description / FINFO:


This is NOT a complete list. Many of the names below are those of individuals who self-identified as being a member of Life's Blood on the Nashite Registry. This information has not been verified by Okk or the player.
Agito Makashima, Areanna Hawke, Argul, Belbrina T. Burrows, Bremen DeNardi, Bugles, Cassandra, Crinos, Davian Stonebow, Deliverance, Deren Bloodbane, Elderon, Erkenbrand, Falcor, Gabriel, Goku, Harmony Skylore, Hephaistos, Hutt, Jerry, Jolie, Jubei Yagyu, Kandrell, Kantor, Kaye, Keisha, Keraptis, Kestrel, KotVoody, Layla, Lindsey, Lokum, MacGyver, Marcus, Mersault, MingLee, Minot, Mong, Mordith, Morne, Mortis, Mystaya, Nugtohs, Okain the Elf, Parvo, Pendrell, Pitt, Plato, Roxanne, Season, Shon Lin, Soshell, Starlite, Starlite, Sune Crimsonmane, Take, Tares, Thilach, Tras, Turalurayay, Valiant, Whitehawk Skylore, Witchblade Bloodbane, Yarko Bloodbane

Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes

[ 23] Lexie: Okk's "Saya" group = Kahn in disguise
Mon Oct 1 01:14:16 2001
To: all
Please be aware that members of the "Saya" clan of Okk's following will do whatever they can to help the pk'ers in Kahn initiate an attack on an innocent victim. Do not trust anyone with "Saya" in title.

[ 24] Gizamaluke: RE:Lexie
Mon Oct 1 07:17:02 2001
To: all
It is understandable that you have experienced a moment in which a member of the Saya order helps out or initiates in the event of combat. However, do not come to the conclusion that all in my order will act in that manner.' I try to retain my beliefs in helping others and remain non-aggressive towards others. I know you know this, but the actions commited by a Saya, or any order for that matter, is totally up to them. Understand that only that person who is involved in your problem should you worry about in future relations. So please, do not initiate that name calling like in the case of Ravaged and his relations with the Black Conclave. He is simply playing the role that he chooses appropriate for his character.
Gizamaluke, tired of this name-calling that floods our note board.

[ 27] Noctus: My concern
Thu Oct 18 13:36:22 2001
To: okk cordir
*bow* Hi Lord Okk,
I am deeply concerned by the behaviour of your Ordained Ravaged. He seems to ignore the rules that you have posted in regard to the alliance of our followings. The first time this happened we let it pass by, this time I was going to attack him again in all honesty... but Lady Cordir asked me to use diplomacy one last time.
Today he haunted Lanfear and he is thus on fjust. I hope you understand the importance of this matter as we can not tolerate this any longer.
Trusting in your wisdom, I greet you.
Noctus, Chosen Blade of Fate

[ 22] Tynian: Newbie-killer slain
Sun Oct 21 16:22:24 2001
To: all
Ilisam, follower of Okk, was slain for newbie-killing