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Created Dec 30 97
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2000
Followed Rhina

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WHO Lists:

Elf [ Ma: 5             ] Stratos the Elf                           12/31/1997
Elf [ Ra:17 Th:17 Ma:17 ] Stratos a freak of Nature                 07/26/1998
Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:19 Th:19 ] Stratos Fear Freak of Nature              12/26/1998
Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:19 Th:19 ] Stratos Fear Freak of Nature              01/18/1999
Elf [ Ra:19 Ma:19 Th:19 ] Stratos, Mage of the Black Conclave       01/14/2000
Elf [ Ma:20 Th:20 Ra:21 ] Stratos, Woodsman of the Black Conclave   01/29/2000
Elf [ Ma:22 Th:20 Ra:21 ] Stratos, Woodsman of the Black Conclave   04/21/2000

Character History:

Stratos was born and abandoned on Tue Dec 30 97 00:23:07. The reason was probably because he looked like a demon. He is Albino with pink eyes. When the wolves and wargs would have probably eaten him he was found and befriended by a bird-man, Clumsyfool, who took him in and cared for him.

Not long after he was taken into the careing folds of the Godess of Nature, Rhina, where he grew into a Elf with many traits. He was a ranger/thief/mage. He laughed and froliced in nature with Myronides, Gaul, Clumsyfool, Jonah, Elladan, Quarnel and the great Ogre, Stouthbound. Stratos even made it into the records in the room of records for a quest.

As he grew, a great pull of forces striped him from his home and it took him some time to make it back to the great world he had left. When he returned, many things had changed. His Goddess Rhina had left and went on to greater causes. The great Gaul had even been taken away. Myronides was no where to be found. Elladan had gone on to become an Ambassador. Things did not look good for Stratos, but he wandered and talked with the mighty Rocky who ask him to join the Black Conclave and follow the teachings of the great Arch-Lich. After a time, Stratos decided that this would be best for him. In the times of harshness he had become cold and embittered to his brothers the elves and rangers for leaving him at a young age to die because of their fear of him. So at the great age of 600 years Stratos underwent the change and became the Mage of the Black Conclave where he lives on with the burden of his lost family friends and all elves until the day of passing comes.


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