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Created February 23, 2000
Status Active
Race Elf
Hometown 2003: Loth Llorien
Classes Cleric
Followed Tripper

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(Written by Cordir:)
It is his eyes that draw your notice to this young elf - the deep greenish-blue of the rarest emeralds, and the expression they hold is thoughtful, almost wistful introspection, as if his mind held a single thought and returned to it often, distracting him from all other concerns. A headband of silver and black chain binds his pure white hair back from his face, allowing it to cascade down to the middle of his back. It is a sharp and almost startling contrast to the darkness of his skin - the deep mahogany tan of someone who spends all of their time out of doors under the sun. He has the tall, slender strength of the elven race, standing three inches above six feet in height. Clothed in well made but unassuming garb, he does not advertise wealth or fame through his armor or mode of dress. He holds himself upright, strongly but not with arrogance of demeanor, and a friendly, understanding smile curves his lips slightly. He makes a graceful gesture of greeting, drawing your eye to the exquisitely inked tattoo of a jewelled crown upon the back of his right hand. It seems loyalties run deep in this wise elf, and that his bloodline runs true.

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Th: 5 Cl:18 Ra:15 ] Leif Elf. Be Elven or be Flawed. -Tiger-            10/03/2001
Elf [ Th:15 Ra:18 Cl:18 ] Leif Elf. Be Elven or be Flogged. -Tiger-           12/06/2001
Elf [ Th:17 Ra:18 Cl:18 ] Leif Elf, Be Elven or be Flogged.  -UA-             07/26/2002
Elf [ Cl:20 Ra:18 Th:18 ] Leif Elf, Be Elven or be Flawed [Tel'Quessir]       08/29/2002
Elf [ Ra:19 Cl:21 Th:18 ] Leif, Count of Loth-Llorien, Elven Knight           12/17/2002
Elf [ Ra:19 Cl:21 Th:18 ] Leif Elf, Be Elven or Be Flawed.                    01/01/2003
Elf [ Ra:21 Cl:21 Th:18 ] Leif, *erve* hi* in*tinct* >*< (*)(C)(o)(V)(e)(N)   06/12/2003
Elf [ Cl:28 Ra:25 Th:25 ] Leif,          (C)(o)(V)(e)(N)                      07/29/2003
Elf [ Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Leif Elf, the old blood runs thick  [Coven]         09/29/2003
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Leif Elf, the old blood runs thick  [Coven]         10/01/2003
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Leif's blood runs thick with Venom     [Coven]      12/30/2003
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Leif, Ancient Elven Mastermind of  [Coven]          02/27/2004
Elf [       Ra: 1       ] Leif the Elf Maiden
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Leif, Ancient Elven Mastermind                      03/10/2011
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Leif, Ancient Elven Mastermind of the Blood Monks   06/06/2011

Character History:


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

04/19/2000: Leif reaches RA:5/CL:12. Leif kills an altibian clergyman for MM#35 and a paladin's seneschal for MM#36.
04/06/2001: Leif triples: Th: 1\Cl:18\Ra:15.
10/03/2001: Leif completes MM#28 - a Harpy.
11/07/2001: Leif completes 3 MM quests: #29- Lord Valharik, #30 - the panther, and #31 - Ofcol cityguard, and then levels twice, reaching Th: 8\Cl:18\Ra:15.
11/08/2001: Leif completes MMs 33 through 39, including Smithers and an off-duty guard.
11/22/2001: Leif reaches Ra:17 Cl:18 Th: 9.
11/27/2001: Leif reaches Ra:18 Cl:18 Th: 9.
11/28/2001: Leif reaches Th:10\Ra:18\Cl:18.
12/01/2001: Leif levels three times to reach Th:13\Ra:18\Cl:18. Leif kills an altibian clergyman for MM#35 and a paladin's seneschal for MM#36.
12/04/2001: Leif levels twice to Th:15\Ra:18\Cl:18.
01/07/2002: Leif completes MM#38 - a sword swallower and #39 - a fire eater, MM#40 - a servant, then #41 - the Grinch which pushes him to Th:16\Ra:18\Cl:18 and he gains a Train! (10,000 exp in half an hour).
07/23/2002: Leif levels to Th:17\Ra:18\Cl:18.
07/27/2002: Leif joins Myronides. Leif reaches Cl:19 Ra:18 Th:18.
11/06/2002: Leif dies in one of many lag bursts while in the Trading Post, and manages to perform his own CR and recovers his inventory flagged eq as well before others intent upon grabbing the loot are able to do so.
07/01/2003: Leif of the Coven levels to Ra:22\Cl:25\Th:21.

Player Information: