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Taliesin (VII)
Bard of the High Order
Created September 13, 2012
Classes Bard
Followed Seraph

Mud Contributions:

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WHO Lists:

02/13/2013 Hum [ Bard:   5   4   1 ] Taliesin Goldbrow.  The singing pickle.
03/07/2013 Hum [ Bard:   9   8   8 ] Taliesin Goldbrow.  Singing pickle of the High Order.
03/29/2013 Hum [ Bard:  16  11  11 ] Taliesin the singing pickle.   High Order

Character History:


Player Provided Information:

Bard review for level 5:"The Pleasant Things of Taliesin"

Taliesin looks around nervously.

Taliesin sits down comfortably and closes his eyes, thinking of home.

Taliesin sniffs the air deeply, as if remembering something from his past.

Taliesin opens his eyes knowingly and nods.

You say (in common), 'Pleasant, berries in the time of harvest'.

You say (in common), 'Also pleasant, wheat upon the stalk.'.

You say (in common), 'Pleasant the sun moving in the sky'.

You say (in common), 'Also pleasant where there is good to remember.'.

You say (in common), 'Pleasant, a steed in a leather halter'.

You say (in common), 'Also pleasant, alliance with a king.'.

You say (in common), 'Pleasant, liquors of the mead-brewer to the multitude'.

You say (in common), 'Also pleasant, a songster generous and amiable.'.

Taliesin grins sheepishly.

Taliesin stands up and bows.

Bard review for level 10: ' I entitle this tale, "I have been."

I have been in a multitude of shapes,
Before I assumed a consistent form.
I have been a sword, narrow, sharp,
I have been a raindrop in the air,
I have been the brightest of stars.
I have been a word among letters,
I have been a book upon the shelf.
I have been the light of lanterns,

I have been a leaf upon the tree,
I have been an eagle that soars,
I have been a creature in the seas,
I have been an axe in the grasp of the hand,
I have been a shield in battle.
I have been a string in a harp,
I have been twig in the fire,
I have been a wood beam upholding a rooftop
So I say I come to you now as I am and what I have been, but not what I will be

Bard review for level 15: The Battle Of Temple courtyard

Those warlike chiefs at dawning day
At Temple courtyard meet in dread array,
This song records their splendid name
But who shall sing of all their fame?
Their patriot virtues far excel
Whate'er the boldest bard can tell
Dreadful arm and dauntless brow
Spoil and dismay the haughty foe.

Pillars of Lord Seraph's regal line!
'Tis theirs in glorious war to shine
Despair and death attend their course,
Brave leaders of the Good force!

See Lord Seraphs's men, a valiant train,
Rush along the courtyard's plain!
Bright their weapons for war address,
Raging vengeance fires their breast
Shouts like ocean's roar arise,
Tear the air, and pierce the skies.
Here they urge their tempest force!
Nor camp nor forest turns their course
Their breath the shrieking peasants yield
Over all the desolated field.

But lo, the daring hosts engage!
Dauntless Wyld Hunts with flaming rage
And, here the direful morn is o'er,
Mangled limbs and reeking gore,
And crimson torrents whelm the ground,
Wyld destruction stalking round
Fainting warriors gasp for breath,
Or struggle in the toils of death.

Warriors I saw who led the fray,
Stern desolation strewn their way
Aloft the glittering blade they bore,
Their garments hung with clotted gore.
The furious thrust, the clanging shield,
Confound the long-disputed field.

And till old age has left me dumb
Till death has call'd me to the tomb
May cheerful joys never crown my days,
Unless I sing of Lord Seraphs's praise!

Personal Timeline:

March 05, 2013: Taliesin performs for his first Bard Council!
March 06, 2013: Taliesin worships Seraph and joins the High Order.

Player Information: