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Created 1996
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Classes Ranger
Last Seen 2004
Followed Tokugawa
Partner Kira

Mud Contributions:

[Idea 223] Dakkon: Hunting mobs for serial killers
Sun Apr 13 20:46:48 2003
To: all
Viewing Status: ALL
If a player w/ the serial killer flag logs on, random % chance that a bounty hunter starts hunting him/her.
Maybe that should be if player has serial killer or thief flag.

[Idea 223] Dakkon: summon archangel / totem
Thu May 8 23:17:29 2003
To: all
Viewing Status: ALL
was checking out the shaman and cleric spells and noticed that evils shaman / clerics have animate dead. Thought it would be a good game balancer if the goods had a spell similar to it, such as summon arch-angel for clerics and summon totem for shamans.
at the same time, just give heal to clerics of all alignment.

[Idea 248] Dakkon: Neutral Clerics
Mon May 12 22:03:38 2003
To: all
****************************** Feedback ***************************************
=>Tynian, Mon May 12 03 23:50:21: No, I don't think that will do at all.
Viewing Status: ALL
since neutral clerics favor neither good or evil, give them all the the cleric spells available. This was they can truly be neutral and attack / defend against both sides with the same amount of discrimination as they see fit.

[Note 32] Dakkon: changes
Tue Jan 20 22:08:35 2004
To: all
I've learned more about the mud in the last 15 minutes than I have in the last 5 years. While the changes are inconvienent, they do force you to learn the mud :)

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hel [ Ma: 3 Ra: 9       ] Dakkon The Whistling Ranger                             12/04/1996
Hel [ Ra:17 Ma:21       ] Dakkon is whistling an endless tune for Kira            05/10/1997
Hel [ Ma:22 Ra:23       ] Dakkon looking for +1dam/dex/str rings                  10/19/1997
Hel [ Ma:21 Ra:21       ] Dakkon the Whistling Ranger                             12/13/1997 <- Post 3x conversion
Hel [ Th: 8 Ra:21 Ma:21 ] Dakkon the Bumpkin Pumpkin ***CLOSED***                 05/22/1998
Hel [ Ra:22 Th: 9 Ma:21 ] Dakkon the purple hazed bumpkin pumpkin ++Balance++     06/23/1998
Hel [ Ra:26 Th:10 Ma:24 ] Dakkon loves Auxanna. . *Balance*                       06/28/1999
Hel [ Th:17 Ra:30 Ma:29 ] Dakkon is AFK                                           03/13/2001
Hel [ Th:21 Ra:30 Ma:29 ] Dakkon morns the loss of innocence                      09/11/2001
Hel [ Th:21 Ra:30 Ma:29 ] Dakkon is nekkid in *Unity* -LLU-                       11/26/2001
Hel [ Th:21 Ra:30 Ma:29 ] Dakkon relearning TFC -Unity-                           10/25/2002
Hel [ Th:25 Ra:30 Ma:29 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-                        03/15/2003
Hel [ Ma:29 Ra:30 Th:28 ] Dakkon:  <**>  <**>  <**>  <*> ..                       04/06/2003
Hel [ Ma:29 Ra:30 Th:28 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-                        04/19/2003
Hel [ Th:29 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-                        05/25/2003
Hel [ Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] [LG][ Robert] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-          05/25/2003
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity- -gossip                06/10/2003
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-                        11/22/2003
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-                        01/01/2004                            
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-                        04/30/2004

Character History:

Level 50:

05/25/2003, Log by Cordir:
Dakkon tells you (in common), 'excuse me, but do you want an exact time of when I hit lvl 50 or just the date? :)'.

You tell Dakkon, 'the date... a log... anything i can get  :-)'.
You tell Dakkon, 'and GRATZ!'.

Dakkon tells you (in common), 'should be in about 10 to 15 minutes :)'.
Dakkon tells you (in common), 'thanks :)'.

You tell Dakkon, 'WOOT!'.

(About 15 minutes later...)

### Dakkon has advanced to level 30.
who Dakkon
Hel [ Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Dakkon remembers Auxanna -Unity-

Judge gossips (in common), 'DAKKON!'.

Pitt gossips (in common), 'yeah Dakkon!!!'.

Dakkon gossips (in common), 'finally :)'.

Judge gossips (in common), 'GRATS!'.

Pardoquilian ftells, 'Dakkon is 50th now.'.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* huh what happened'.

Dakkon gossips (in common), 'thanks everyone :)'.

Zeks gossips (in common), bout time'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Grats, Dakkon!!!'.

Garland gossips (in common), 'YAYE DAKKON!!!!'.

Kaleyah gossips (in common), 'congratulations!!!'.

Eve gossips (in common), 'Gratz on the ascenion to level 50!!'.

Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* oh HURRAY'.

Phlegm gossips (in ogre), '..he found his blue crayon.'.

Triston gossips, 'grats on 50'.

Eve gossips (in common), 'I don't think Silence means it.'.
Eve gossips (in common), '*frowns*'.

Dakkon gossips (in common), 'heh...I was sure tfc would've crashed and died before I hit 50 :)'.

Eve gossips (in common), '*knocks on wood*'.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

July 30, 2002 - Markoon dies in The Demon Realm, and Mandrake attempts a CR but is slain himself. Mandrake tells you (in common), 'mental note-- don't attempt CRs in Demon Realm without a weapon'. Abe, Solaron, Noctus, Markoon and Kerson dive into the Demon Realm. They snag corpses of Dakkon and Markoon, but Mandrake's is lost when a Darkling snags it. Noctus also performs a CR of Bergal, a Tiger.

Player Information: