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Created January 1995
Status Inactive
Leader Coleman

Roles within the Group/Hierarchy:

Group Members:

Asia, Avair, Jahiliya, Judas, Keff, Laujar, Marisa, Ozymandius, Scooby, Sharla, Shoya, Talen, Toonse, Zrie

WHO Lists:

Unknown    : Min [ Wa:30             ] Ozymandius King of Kings, Warleader of House Veladorn
Unknown    : Elf [ Ma:27             ] Scooby, Chief o' Veladorn
08/23/1995 : Hum [ Ma: 4 Wa:18       ] Shoya the Crystal Soul of [House Veladorn]
11/02/1997 : Hum [ Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:23 ] Shoya of Veladorn
01/24/1996 : Hel [ Ma:18 Ra:10       ] Talen enchanter@strands.matter.demonrealm Veladorn
11/02/1997 : Hel [ Ma:21 Ra:13 Th:10 ] Talen just Talen, Veladorn
12/??/1996 : Elf [ Ma: 9 Th:10 Ra:15 ] Laujar thinks Death dances well enough [Veladorn]
10/15/2000 : Elf [    Ra:19 Ma:18    ] Avair House Mage Veladorn
02/08/2004 : Elf [       Ma: 5       ] Laujar Lagmaster wonders where house veladorn is?
08/20/2006 : Hel [    Wa:12 Ma:15    ] Keff seeks House Veladorn

Group Beliefs/Goals/Objectives:

Group Method For Achieving Beliefs/Goals/Objectives:

Group History/Lineage:

04/12/2002: Immortal Questions

Log by Cordir.
Someone cants, 'Who remembers the House of Veladorn?'.

You cant, 'I do.'.

Natilena cants, 'I do'.

You cant, 'Jahiliya was of Veladorn.'.

Myronides cants, 'sortof'.

Someone cants, 'I'm doing some historical some members if you can (along with their class if you recall it)'.

Gup cants, 'Shoya'.

Skeeve cants, 'shoya'.

Gup cants, 'Laujar I think?'.

Skeeve cants, 'warrior mage thief'.

Someone cants, 'Coleman founded it?'.

You cant, 'Yes'.

Someone cants, 'Who took over after Coleman?'.

Someone cants, 'ok, I guess we don't have any history nuts.'.

Date Unknown: Trakker & Cordir

Log by Cordir.
Trakker says (in old-common), 'though I have never belonged to a following, I always considered my friends to be my following'.

You nod.
You say (in old-common), 'My sister, Jahiliya, feels much the same.'.
You say (in old-common), 'though she belongs to Veladorn.'.

Trakker grins wickedly.
Trakker says (in old-common), 'I petitioned for veladorn many years ago'.
Trakker says (in old-common), 'before the lands changed'.

You nod.
You say (in old-common), 'They can be somewhat... exclusive.'.
You frown.
You say (in old-common), 'Unneccessarily so, I feel.'.

Trakker says (in old-common), 'i have since lost the requirements set forth to me'.

11/22/2011: Sweetpea's Memories

Log by Cordir.

You say, 'Sweetpea'.
You say, 'Tell me a story of Veladorn.'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'the story of what it stood for?'.

You nod.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'it was orignally founded by ozymandius, scooby and szordrin i believe'.

You nod.

You say, 'Did you know that Szordryn is still in the world today?'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'it was a place for players to join together who did not want to worship god/goddess'.
Sweetpea says (in common), 'the members swore to stay pure at that time neutral'.
Sweetpea says (in common), 'before neutral gods were added'.

You nod.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'they did not want limitations on what they could or could not do in the gaME'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'later marisa and talon joined and became vetran members'.

Jaerith says (in orc), 'Sounds familiar.'.
Jaerith rests.

You say, 'and Jahiliya'.
You say, 'and her partner, Zrie'.
You say, 'and Shoya'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'we all orignally had a staff of neutrality to show our commitment'.
Sweetpea says (in common), '5 dmg light'.
Sweetpea says (in common), 'eventually the limit was lowered and we all could not have 1'.

Cordir pauses in her circuit around the chamber to gaze out the doorway for a moment. She is illuminated by a distant flash of lightning.

Norak says (in common), '5dmg light?!'.
Norak gasps in astonishment.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'syrinx was also fond of the guild and helped the members when he could'.


  • Jahiliya was sponsored into House Veladorn by Shoya, per her history: "During these years of restless wandering, an old promise came due: the promise of one of my thief-mentors, Shoya (who had also studied mage lore and warrior’s skills), to sponsor me into the ancient House of Veladorn. I was assigned a quest to prove myself worthy of induction, and set about completing it, relieved to have a direction in my life. Several people aided me in its completion — Asia, who was at the time also questing to enter the House, and who now follows Lorna; Talen, a full House member, and his lady, Marisa; and Zrie, who at the time followed Lorna, and who led me to the Lost Pyramid to face the Sphinx for my quest."
  • Zrie of Veladorn, spouse of Jahiliya of Veladorn, was mentioned in the Temple of Tripper.
  • House Veladorn was mentioned in the temple of Coleman.
  • As of 11/01/2000, Chronic was wearing <worn on hands> (Token magic) Veladorn Plate Gauntlets, but it is unknown who's corpse he took them off. (02/11/2001 shows Tylorn wearing them, and 10/05/2001, Maldobar had them.)
  • Her association with House Veladorn features prominently in the history of Asia.
  • Shoya of Veladorn had the bad habit of bouncing into Cordir's lap whenever he saw her.
  • Note: [ 66] Ozymandius: Veladorn -- is visible in logs from 11/17/1996, but the text is unknown.
  • Toose signed the notes regarding his Epic Tale as "Toonse - Wimp Leader of House Veladorn."

Player Provided Information:

Talen gossips (in common) 'House Veladorn, Congratulates Clone on achieving level 12 !!!'.

Timeline of Events:

04/27/1996: Asia joins House Veladorn.
09/30/2003: Avair (the Veladorn House Mage) comes back!