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Strider Elessar
The Space Cowboy
Created May 1996
Retired December 24, 2001
Race 1st: Human
Classes Ranger
Last Seen February 2006
Followed 1st: Tel
2nd: Okk

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Ma:17 Ra:15    ] Strider Blue Rager of Passion -={ TEL }=- [OPEN]            08/10/1996
Hum [    Ma:22 Ra:25    ] Strider Elessar Blue Rager of Passion -={ TEL }=-           10/19/1996
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Strider Elessar, Passion.. .-={ TEL }=-                     12/??/1996
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Strider Elessar: some people call me a Space Cowboy         05/24/1997
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Strider Elessar: some people call me a Space Cowboy         06/08/1997
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Strider Elessar: when the boomerang go, it come back        07/28/1997
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Strider Elessar: when the boomerang go, it come back        08/21/1997
Elf [    Ra: 8 Ma:16    ] Strider, SOUL CONSUMER OF THE CIRCLE OF FACES [KAHN]        09/20/2001
Elf [    Ma:16 Ra:15    ] Strider, Soul Eater of the Circle -=Kahn=-                  09/28/2001
Elf [    Ma:19 Ra:15    ] Strider, Part of a Greater Circle -=Saya=-                  10/01/2001
Elf [    Ma:24 Ra:15    ] Strider, Nothing more, Nothing less.                        12/09/2001
Elf [    Ma:26 Ra:15    ] Strider: if it says Fate, they aren't DB.                   12/20/2001 

Hum [       Ra: 7       ] Strider Elessar: Some people call me a Space Cowboy          02/04/06


  • Strider stood as the best man at Keller's wedding to Cordir.
  • Strider took part in the gleeful fun when the ICP were force-leveled above 20th.
  • Strider was present for the Trial of Alive.
  • Strider was specifically mentioned in the 2nd temple of Torchbearer:
  • Strider was specifically mentioned in the history of Masher.

Character History:

Player Provided Information:

I bet he one rounded more ogres than any other player has.
He cleaned up the WHO list for us when we (Telites/Passionate) wanted to exp. Man, they feared him. (Evils)

Personal Timeline:

5/96: Strider is created around this time. From a log of one of Kaern's trips to the Demon Realm: Furnock gossips (in common) 'Gossip was Spammed because you are level 7., Strider'. Talen gossips (in common) 'House Veladorn, Congratulates Strider on achieving level 7 !!!'.

September 26, 2001: Strider reaches Ra:11 Ma:16. Bliss says that "the people have spoken", but Strider disagrees.

November 14, 2001: Strider completes mobmaster 18.

November 12, 2001: [ 6] Strider: Re: Craige: Re: Tynian / Mon Nov 12 11:16:12 2001 / To: all / As Tynian said these changes are the beginning of a great change, not a final change. Throughout the years Tynian has not only let you play here for free but ENCOURAGED you to. The variety of people that play TFC is what makes it such a great game and if you leave you will be missed. Pking is the only reason that I play TFC... sure exploring and role-playing can be fun but Pking is the best. Throughout the past 4 years I have played quite a few characters and pking was always a part of their character. If TFC was not a Pk mud I would leave immediately. But as Tynian said, this is not a permanent change but just a part of a process. I'm going to trust Tynian and stay with him. I've "quit" many times for stupid reasons and will probably for more but this is not something that is going to make me leave. What I think will probably mean nothing to you but I think everyone should stick around and see what happens. I will at least. Thanks Tynian, for producing such a great mud, Strider

December 2, 2001: Strider, Maximus, and Azkral join the Dawnbringers.

December 12, 2001: Strider reaches Ma:25 Ra:15. [ 14] Noctus: Strider is not a member of the Chosen of Fate / Wed Dec 12 15:19:45 2001 / To: all / Hi all *bow* / I would like to inform you all that Strider is not and will never be a member of the Chosen of Fate. I asked him to remove it from his title but he said he wasn't allowed to since someone ordered him to keep it there. Strider tells you (in common), 'you do not have a higher standing than the guy who ordered it'. He wouldn't tell me who it was, so you can all try to guess that yourself. Of course I do understand that he would like to be one of the Chosen, but he lacks the honor and honesty to be one. So be aware all please. Greetings, Noctus, Chosen Blade of Fate

December 23, 2001: Strider is killed by Khore for mobkilling out of range.

December 24, 2001: Khore posts a note about Strider and Revenant.