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The Caustic Poet
Created May 29 11
Status Active
Race Human
Classes Mage
Followed Isolas
Partner Isolas

Rosemark card.jpg

Mud Contributions:


[ 49] Rosemark: WARNING!!! That Captain guy is BAD
Fri Jul 22 22:33:32 2011
To: all
Thank you so much Maimer and Thrall for quickly ridding me of my hunting mob :)
I didn't listen...but tho you get portal at a low level, it's BAD!!!
Uh oh. Did you stutter when casting?
(White Aura) The captain of this vessel stares darkly at you.
Captain Vahzlune *** ANNIHILATES *** you!
That really did HURT!
You deftly move out of the way of Captain Vahzlune's attack.
Captain Vahzlune *** DEMOLISHES *** you!
That really did HURT!

So uh...yea....
(White Aura) Captain Vahzlune is looking intently for someone.
That would be ME, the foolish foolish mage...
BUT, just when I thought I'd never get rid of that cantankerous Captain,
the Preacher and his minion saved my day!

[ 48] Rosemark: Ode to Those Who Have Bestowed Heart Palpitations Upon Me
Thu Jul 21 08:20:13 2011
To: all
Roses are red, violets are blue.
One day, I was completely shocked to see
Tes soul rift MUTILATES you!
After all, he was 10 levels below me.
Mike, I was sure, long gone to have a beer-o.
But, by Jones, he turned out to be lying in wait.
Patience is definitely one of his virtues.
Just last night, theres Maiali and Nero.
Summon, dispel, and *** DEMOLISHes*** was my fate.
Down to 19 hps, I wanted to turn them both into kinkajous.

So... Crash? Is THIS an ode?!

[ 24] Rosemark: D is for Daedalus
Wed Jul 27 17:29:08 2011
To: all

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Daedalus, I have a bone to pick with you!
As I wander in the middle of the night,
You give me such a terrible fright.
Doing things no cleric should,
Frustrates me but good.
Daedalus, dearest Daedalus,
O How you make me want to cuss!

[ 5] Rosemark: I is for Ink
Fri Aug 12 07:53:33 2011
To: all
Roses are red, violets are blue.
Ink always sneaks up on you.
I had no idea he was with me
Hiding and ready for a killing spree.
I portaled away, thinking I was safe.
Alas no! He tried to summon this waif.
Ink, you freak me out!
I hope you get gout.

[ 12] Rosemark: Da is for Darius
Mon Aug 15 20:44:19 2011
To: all
Ok...first attempt at haiku.

Slumber in courtyard
One summer eve, thanks dear Jaws
Til you took a bite

And because he killed me when I asked for HELP today, another :o

A fish, my hero
To save me from certain doom
No, I was the bait

[ 16] Rosemark: For you, Grumpy
Thu Aug 18 19:59:58 2011
To: all
Summer without you
Two girls miss your company
Noxious smell and all

[ 33] Rosemark: An ode to Natilena
Thu Jul 7 19:00:08 2011
To: all

I like you. Stop the twinkie abuse. Make more rainbows.

P.S. is this even an ode? I don't know how to ode....

[ 26] Rosemark: For a goddess among Goddesses
Thu Aug 25 04:25:22 2011
To: all

The fall approaches
A foul turkey gets basted
Day of thanks we call

Love always,
Your Rainbow Twinkie
Caustic Poet of the Nashite Magi

[ 29] Rosemark: There once was a lad ...
Fri Aug 26 16:15:43 2011
To: all

There once was a lad by the name of Vale
Who was quite kind, giving me my first flail
Alas, times did change
As I entered range.
But, dear Vale, so far you're an EPIC FAIL!

[ 3] Rosemark: S is for Swyth
Thu Oct 27 09:55:14 2011
To: all
Roses are red, violets are blue.
Swyth, you evil, evil bloo, you!
Thinking a reflecting pool was safe
Your mace, oh how it hurt and did chafe!
You EVISCERATED me but that wasnt all
You tried to cast a spell too! Was it a ball?

[ 18] Rosemark: U is for Uthmar
Wed Nov 9 00:02:00 2011
To: all
Roses are red, violets are blue.
To damp apprentice, I beat you!
Poor sport you are, you DISEMBOWELED me!
I gasped! Underwater I did flee!
Your summon failed. Hah!
You will DARE kill me? NAW!

[ 28] Rosemark: J is for JabberJAWS
Sat Nov 19 16:13:08 2011
To: all
Roses are red, violets are blue.
All was well in AMMQ!
I had one minute left to survive.
Darius shows up, barely alive.
I smile. Happily, I might add.
But he was very, very bad!
Triple EVISCERATE per round. No mend.
I was DEAD one second AFTER quest end.
He had my corpse and my beloved rainbow twinkies.
Jaws, I hope you get tangled in metal Slinkys!

[ 41] Rosemark: There once was a fish ...
Mon Nov 28 17:23:42 2011
To: all

There once was a fish named Darius.
Who thinks he's so, so hilarious.
He stole my beloved rainbow twinkies!
I have to watch football now. Stinkies!
You shall rue the day. So nefarious ...

(more notes here) (more notes here)

Current Description:

The slender female before you meets your gaze with large violet eyes framed by long black eyelashes. Her eyes and pale skin give you the impression that her home is far away, in a cold and distant land. Her long golden tresses are tightly braided and extend to her waist. Her clothing is bright and matches the hue of her eyes. Her small frame would make it easy for her to hide in places most Humans wouldn't give a second thought. As she turns her head a rose-shaped birthmark is just barely visible on her shoulder, no doubt her namesake. Her bright smile and energetic nature puts you at ease. She asks if you know the way to a place full of danger and adventure. You get the feeling, however, some malevolent presence is close by, watching her from the shadows.
Rosemark leads a charmed life.
Rosemark is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Ma: 3       ] Rosemark the Girl                                             05-29-2011 
Hum [       Ma: 6       ] Rosemark the Girl                                             05-30-2011 
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:10    ] Rosemark the Girl                                             06-10-2011 
Hum [    Wa: 5 Ma:10    ] Rosemark the Girl                                             06-12-2011 
Hum [    Ma:13 Wa:10    ] Rosemark sees a double rainbow across the sky.                07-08-2011 
Hum [    Ma:14 Wa:10    ] Rosemark wants to be a rainbow twinkie.                       07-16-2011 
Hum [    Ma:15 Wa:15    ] Rosemark, the Rainbow Twinkie                                 07-19-2011 
Hum [    Ma:21 Wa:20    ] Rosemark disappears in the golden sands                       08-03-2011 
Hum [    Ma:23 Wa:20    ] Rosemark, the Nearly Pulverized Rainbow Twinkie               08-05-2011 
Hum [ Th: 2 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Rosemark, a shot to the head, yea so dead :(                  08-14-2011 
Hum [ Th: 5 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Rosemark is a pacifist, you socioPATHETIC monkeys!            08-16-2011 
Hum [ Th: 7 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Rosemark Bloodthorn, poetic justice reborn.                   08-17-2011 
Hum [ Th: 7 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Rosemark: <-- FREAKING DRAMA MAGNET!                          08-17-2011 
Hum [ Th: 8 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Rosemark Bloodthorn, Initiate of the Nashite Magi             08-20-2011 
Hum [   Suicidal Poet   ] Rosemark Bloodthorn, Caustic Poet of the Nashite Magi         08-26-2011
Hum [ Th:15 Wa:24 Ma:24 ] Rosemark Poptart, Tasty Pastry of the Nashite Opera           08-30-2011
Hum [   The One Mortal  ] Rosemark Bloodthorn, Caustic Poet of the Nashite Magi         09-04-2011
Hum [   Bestest IDer!   ] Rosemark, Lady-Champion Veteran Complainer of Gheorghe        09-20-2011
Hum [ Ma:29 Wa:28 Th:24 ] Rosemark Bloodthorn, Caustic Poet of the Nashite Magi         12/25/2011

Character History:



a narrow quill-case hanging from a red cord

Long Description: This narrow case is used to safely carry delicate calligraphy quills.
Worn Description: <worn around neck> (Artifact Magic) a narrow quill case hanging from a red cord

Look quill case quill-case:
Made of paper-thin (but strong) tanned dragonhide, this quill case is nearly
impervious to the elements. Intricate cutwork covers each of the surfaces: a
repeating pattern of lovely blooming roses climbing an elegant Tower. A cord
of bright crimson red allows the case to be worn around the neck.

Look cord red crimson:
This cord is a tight, thirteen strand plait, made from fine, strong
spidersilk. The pattern of the braid seems to form overlapping rose
petals along the length.

Look keyword keywords:
Made for Rosemark, November 28, 2011.

Object Keywords: Narrow Quill Case Cord Quill-Case
Extra Keywords: Quill Case Quill-Case | Cord Red Crimson | Keyword Keywords

Player Provided Information:

Darius gossips (in common), 'But if I did add something to Rosemarks wiki page - Rosemark is a smelly weasel!!'.

Personal Timeline:


Cecil gossips, 'I hereby pronounce Rosemark as "Lord-Champion Veteran Complainer of the Realm"'.
Gheorghe gossips (in common), 'I hereby pronounce Rosemark as "Lord-Champion Veteran of my heart"'.
Boink gossips (in common), 'and the bestest ID magey girl evers!'.

11/18/2011: When Rosemark asks Cordir her opinion on a possible course of action, Cordir's extremely blunt, not-Pg-13 answer causes Rosemark to "spew juice out of my nostrils i laughed so loud while sipping my juice." (She asked that this be recorded for posterity.)

Player Information: