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Created (Various)
Status Inactive
Retired (Various)
Race Minotaur
Classes Warrior
Followed Khore

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Min [       Wa: 9       ] Rohan: the warrior in training -=<(KINDRED)>=-      08/16/1998
Elf [       Ma: 8       ] Rohan explores his way along the Wyrm               01/30/2001
Min [       Wa: 3       ] Rohan the Minotaur                                  11/11/2002
Min [       Wa:10       ] Rohan.                                              12/05/2002
Min [       Wa:13       ] Rohan.                                              03/08/2003
Min [    Ma: 9 Wa:13    ] Rohan.                                              04/21/2004

Character History:

Within lies the history of The Everman, known to most as Rohan... My history is in the least, strange, to the few that know what I have told them. But it has come time for me to relate the trials of my first three lives in this realm. Yes, I have had three separate, yet un-separate, lives here, I say un-separate lives, because I can remember all of the previous ones. Why, you ask? Well now, that is a very good question. I do not know who my parents were, or when I was born, for it was long, long before any birth records were kept, but I do know where I was born. I come from that place which throws fear, into the hearts of all but a handful of mortals, that place which is feared, yet respected by all. I come from the place known to mortals simply as, The Demon Realm. Due to my partial demon physiology, I seem to have the powerful, yet apparently uncontrollable, ability to relocate my being from the dying body of my current host, into that of a newborn child's. This has occurred only twice (not counting my original birth). Although this "re-location " of my being does seem to take up quite a bit of time, approximately a few hundred year, hence my disappearance from the realm for these great expanses of time.

Now that you know a little about from where I came, we shall move on to these three reincarnations that I speak of. My original life is very broken up for me, and I can recall very little of it. I do know that I was a human Shaman, I cannot recall exactly how or why I came to begin using such a raw, and dangerous form of magic,

but I can indeed remember using it. I would venture to say that I was a very careless individual for dabbling in such raw states of magic, and cannot imagine doing so a second time. But, that was long ago, and I am more the wiser for it now, and this stage of my life has very little bearing on things now a days.

I cannot say I remember much about the death of my first host, but I can clearly remember being re-born into this realm. I was quite confused as to what was going on at the time, but I remember taking my first breath (quite an odd feeling, I must say) and opening my eyes to see a Minotaurian mother. Yes, I was a minotaur now, living on the remote island of Mithas (apparently at a much later date from the point when I had died) . I had a fairly easy childhood, growing up on Mithas, usually wasting away the daytime hours playing in the maze on the eastern side of the island. It was rather fun for me being an adult in a child's body, and being able to truly appreciate the fact that I had so much free time, and being able to play again. Many people were aware of that fact that I was different from other children, that I knew more than a child of my age ever should. I was shunned by the community for my strangeness, and hated every one of them for that fact. When my "host body" came of age I decided that since I would only be rejected by my community, that I would set out on my own, and tried to make it on my own. So I hopped the first passing boat headed towards the northern continent...

For many months after reaching the northern continent, I roamed around trying to find a place where I could possibly reside. Eventually I found myself standing outside the gates of the fabled city of Midgaard. I stood there for long minutes knowing that if I entered I would surely be attacked by the guards of the gate. I soon realized that I had not much of a choice, I was cold, exhausted, and starving. So with Halberd in hand and a strong will to survive I walked into Midgaard, as expected was soon approached by the guards at the gate, luckily only two of them. I was handy with a weapon and quickly killed the both of them. But as I was disposing of there bodies in a back alley, when something very odd caught my eye. Hovering in front of me, was what appeared to be a Portal, and being the curious person that I am I had to investigate, I quickly got rid of the bodies, and went to check out the portal. I stood there contemplating what do do with such a strange looking thing, when I felt the un-explainable urge to touch it, so I tentatively reached out a finger, and just as I made contact with it, all went black and the next thing I knew I was standing within the legendary Guild hall. I stood there for only a few seconds before I passed out from my fatigue and lack of food, how long I lay there, I do not know. But when I awoke, I held before me the vision of a beautiful and powerfully built woman, as I came around she told me her name, it was DarkClaw. She went on to tell me that she served in the order of Kindred Vampyric, an evil following of Lord Khore. Being the cleric that she was, she soon healed me, and provided me with plenty of mushrooms, and sent me on my way.

Hours later as I was wandering around the Adventurers Guild I ended up standing in the center of the temple courtyard, As I stood there in that courtyard, something caught my eye, it was a very strange, and dark temple. As I made my way toward the temple a sense of evil, that which I have never felt, and will most likely never feel again, grew within me, and as I entered the temple that evil overwhelmed me to the point that I nearly lost consciousness for a second time that day. But just at that point of nearly breaking, a feeling of righteousness, and oneness overcame me. As I gazed around I realized that this temple was in fact located inside of a rather large cave, this was the Cave and temple of the mighty lord Khore, that DarkClaw had told me of. There were pillars of black marble with veins of crimson running through them, the pillars gently curved to form the figure of giant fangs, for Khore was lord of the Vampires. As I stood there admiring the coffin that adorned the very center of the temple, I heard a faint snickering from somewhere in the darkness to my left, when I looked over I saw a very dark skinned figure, and quickly surmised that he was a mage, one of high rank by the looks of him, from the dark robes that he wore. he told me that his name was Combee, and that he was another servant of Lord Khore. Combee showed me around the temple, and helped me understand what Khores following, known as the Kindred, was all about. From that point on, I wished to be apart of this family, this Kindred. After many months of working, and becoming acquainted with other vampires of the Kindred, I was accepted into the following by none other than Khore himself. I was the first and only minotaur to ever be accepted into the Kindred following. I did not grow very powerful within the Kindred, but it has affected me more than any other experience in my many years in this realm. But instead, I spent many many years, exploring the realm in which I appeared to have become a permanent part of, and learning all I could of the northern continent. I made many friends within the Kindred such as DarkClaw, Combee, Palmer, Yvon, and Corri (Corri was not actually in the Kindred due to the fact that she was a ranger, but she was very close to us, and I will remember her always) just to name a few. My years in the Kindred taught me more about life than any other single experience. But alas, Khore was promoted, and the Kindred was disbanded, for many days I wandered about seeking a release from the pain of losing such a vast part of my life. I wandered north, past the great western road, past the city of Ofcol, and finally made it through the great White Frost Forest. There after I came to the Icy plains, which lie below the frozen city of Mahn-Tor. As I attempted to cross the plains I was attacked by a great Ice Worm, that day I met may fate on the wrong end of an acid blast...

So ended the life of Rohan the Minotaur, and now begins the history of Rohan the elven. As I said before it has been many years in between the time of my death, and the time of my re-incarnation. But this time that period did not just go by as blankness, but instead in my period of limbo between bodies, a Demon spoke to me, he told me that I had a destiny to fulfill, a destiny so complex and twisted that not even I, the one who is involved, may know it’s true inner workings. But he told me two other things. The first was that I was to join a following that has been started in my absence known as Fate, and that I am to serve under the goddess named Cordir, a long ago acquaintance of the Kindred, and that I am to walk the hard, but fulfilling paths of the Wyrm. The second thing that he said to me, or rather appointed me, is the truth that I will never truly die, but will forever be reincarnated to serve whatever purpose fate has planned for me, and that I should from now, and forever on, be known amongst closest friends as...The Everman.


  • Rohan began, but did not complete, the quest to join the Chosen of Fate.

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