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The Passionate
Led By Tel
Holy Symbol a symbol of a blade
Alignment Good
Future Immortal Followers Steelblade
Ordained Mortals Keller
Temple Tel's Temple

Temple Key: a small gold key
Temple Altar: A crystaline sculpture of infinite beauty dazzles you.
Look Altar: Reflecting light in thousands of directions, the altar creates rainbow patterns of holy light throughout the temple. At the base of the altar is a small plaque.

Look Plaque:
The Oath of the Knighthood of Dreams

With these words I renounce all I was in hopes of what I may be.
All offenses I have taken frm others I forgive them, all slights I have given to others,
I take back. I am to be washed clean in spirit, to face the coming storms.

The lives of my bretheren are as my life.
the word of my God is my will, and the faith of my bretheren is paramount.
In all things shall I measure first the will of my God, then the needs of my brethren,
and then the needs of the Good people of the world.

My life will be to serve my God as a shelter for the weak, help to the
helpless. I shall aid all those in need whose lives are innocent of evil.
As I gain power in the mortal world, shall I give more to those less fortunate.

In the battles to come, I shall be the line to separate the bloodthirsty
from their prey. I shall not harm those who are at peace, but woe
to those who touch the lives of innocents with their blackened blades.
To them I shall be as Vengance, and peace be on their souls.

With these words I take the Dream into my heart.
My Passion to guide me, My Bretheren to sustain.

And I swear, by my life, by my God, by my Dreams of Tomorrow,
That I am forever more a Knight of Dreams, and in this Holy Order,
I shall spread the dream of Love and Righteousness through all the Lands.
By my Passions, by Tel, and by my Name, I so swear.

Following Description / FINFO:


(Partial: Taken from WHO lists)

Hum [    Wa:24 Cl:25    ] Steelblade the kind hearted TELITE warric	
Gno [ Wa: 4 Cl:15       ] Anomius.  Oh YEAH?!  Oh no...  *-(TeL/IpS/EmS)-*
Elf [ Ma:11 Th:12 Wa:12 ] Isam.  [Tel] 	
Hum [ Ra: 5 Ma:11       ]'s anyone   (Tel)	
Hum [      Paladin      ] Keller: Paladin of Passion, Scarlet Shield	
Hum [ Sh:14             ] Kiaser of the Scarlet Shield	
Hum [ Sh:14 Ra:25       ] Pendor: Huntsman of the Scarlet Shield [TEL] / IPS	
Elf [ Cl:30 Wa:10       ] Pestis: Passionate Mistress of the Wyrm	
Hum [ Cl:19 Wa: 9       ] Cyrano: Healer of the Scarlet Shield -=TEL=-	
Hum [ Cl:20             ] Mylo of the Scarlet Shield	
Hum [ Cl: 2 Wa:11       ] Raissa a Warrior, Cleric of the Scarlet Shield [TEL]
Hum [    Wa:21 Cl:24    ] Abender Stormreaver:Knight of Honor{Katrana}*Tel*IPS*

Requirements for Entry

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