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Aringar Ironwolf (I)
The Warder
Knight of Dreams
Created 1996
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Ranger
Last Seen 2003
Followed Tel

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Hum [ Ma:20             ] Aringar.                             08/23/1996
Hum [ Ma:29             ] Aringar Ironwolf, Wandering Wizard   11/13/1996
Hum [ Ra:11 Ma:30. .. . ] Aringar Ironwolf                     02/23/1997
Hum [ Ra:19 Ma:30       ] Aringar Ironwolf [Tel]               06/01/1997
Hum [ Ma:27 Ra:20       ] Aringar Ironwolf, Knight of Dreams   11/30/1997
Hum [    Ra:21 Ma:26    ] Aringar Ironwolf      [Tel]+ips      04/26/1998
Hum [    Ra:21 Ma:26    ] Aringar Ironwolf             [Tel]   05/25/1998 
Hum [    Ra:25 Ma:26    ] Aringar Ironwolf      [Tel]          07/??/1998 <- 3x conversion level loss
Hum [    Ra:26 Ma:26    ] Aringar Ironwolf      [Tel]          08/23/1998
Hum [    Ra:26 Ma:26    ] Aringar Ironwolf      [Tel]          09/19/1998
Hum [ Warder            ] Aringar Ironwolf [Tel]               01/10/1999
Elf [       Ma: 3       ] Aringar the Elf        10/18/2003

Character History:


  • Aringar was one of those contacted by Kaern, when he was organizing a trip to the Master's Tower in December of 1998.
  • The night of The Trinity Halloween Costume Contest (October 31, 1997), there are infos scattered throughout the log of Aringar taking formal Oath with Tel, reciting the vow of the Passionate. ### [Aringar says, 'all offenses i have taken from others i forgive them'] ### [Aringar says, 'by my passions, by tel, and by my name, i so swear'] ### [Aringar says, 'i'm beginning to think that they moved jack somewhere else']
  • Aringar was a member of IPS.
  • Aringar and Abender spent so much time travelling and working as a team, people joked that they were a couple.

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Personal Timeline:

  • 06/05/2000: Aringar Ironwolf returns to the Realm after his P-File purges.