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Steelblade (I)
Retired July 29, 2000
Followed Tel

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(Taken from the original TFC Player Pages)
Standing before you is a muscular man, leaning upon an old oak tree in the center of a large, windswept field. He seems to take enjoyment in the beauty that surrounds him. Gazing upon him you can tell that his strength was forged through many a battle.

Starting as a young man, SteelBlade found interest in the techniques of battle. The start of a warrior had begun. Later he would practice the skills of healing magic, which he eventually became very impressive in. As a young man, he heard stories of a god named Tel, a god of passion. A god who stood against tyranny. Under the guidance of Tel, he began to understand the beauty of life. As he grew stronger, SteelBlade was pitched into the battle between good and evil. It seemed he was always facing the evil which permeated the lands, and offering hope to those less fortunate. Eventually, he felt that he was out of place and set out alone against his enemies.

Not long after, he found a goddess named Lorna, the goddess of chance. Her following, called the Tigers, was the most feared by the evil beings around the realm. Under her watchful gaze, he garnered many victories, not only against the enemy but also going into the darkest recesses of the realm to face the untold enemies that lurked within.

One day Lorna rose to the skies and the Tigers were disbanded. Many were lost without Lorna and stumbled looking for a new hope to pursue. SteelBlade searched the realm for guidance in these turbulent times, and found it in a Goddess named Masher. Masher and her followers helped build him into the man he is today, leaning against this old tree, reminiscing about the days of past.

If you were to ask him what lies ahead, he will tell you how unpredictable the future really is. This is one thing that he learned early in life. He will say something along the lines of " Like a star falling from the northern sky, no being knows where they will end up or which path will take them there." With a chuckle he leaps into the sky and is soon lost among the clouds, leaving his words floating softly in the back of your mind.


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