Order of the Golden Flame

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The Order of the Golden Flame
Led By Tel
Alignment Good
PK Model Sword
Ordained Mortals Pol
Keller Amberlin D'Augustine
Temple The Main Hall of Torkheim Cathedral

Following Description / FINFO:

Tel, leader of The Passionate, Demipower of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Good.
The following of Cordir is considered an ally.
Brief following description:
Returned to the Realm following a long absence, Tel brings a new vision to the land and his followers. The Passionate, as ever, are dedicated to seeing beauty flourish in the world, of form as well as of Spirit. They seek to find the beauty in all the gods creations, each in their own way. His worshippers are divided into two distinct groups, Knights and Gentry. The Knights of the Order of the Golden Flame are to serve as Protectors of the Realm. The Gentry aid the Knights in their duties, but are largely non-combative.
Tel is now accepting both Knights and Gentry.

For Knights:
To join the Order of the Golden Flame you must find a Knight to squire yourself to. NOTE: Knights must be able to wear metal armor.

For Gentry:
To become a member of the Gentry, you must swear fealty to a Lord who holds dominion over your home city.

Note: No thieves will be allowed to join the Passionate at all. However, followers in good standing _MAY_ be granted permission by Tel to become a thief, provided they never learn the Steal skill.

Roleplaying is heavily encouraged, especially if you wish to advance in Rank within the following.

Inquire with Tel or any of the Passionate for further details. You can also view the the following website at: http://www.stormreaver.net/passion/index.htm (link no longer valid)


(Info from the Website of the Order of the Golden Flame)

  • Sir Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, Knight of the Golden Flame, Duke and Regent of the Land of Borea
  • Dame Syne, Knight of the Golden Flame.
  • Sir Anonymous, Knight of the Golden Flame.
  • Dame Keirdan, Knight of the Golden Flame.
  • Pol Half-Elven, Court Mage of Borea, Exchequer of the Realm.
  • Citizen Taim, Warlock of the Gentry.
  • Citizen Radagast, Warlock of the Gentry.
  • Squire Strom, Warrior of the Gentry.
  • Citizen Nasr, Warrior of the Gentry.
  • Citizen Awax, Priest of Tel.
  • Citizen Hakula, Shaman of the Gentry.
  • Citizen Iggwilv, Ranger-Wizardess of the Gentry.
  • Citizen Noixas, Warrior-Priest of Tel.
  • Citizen Gaia, Priest of Tel.

Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ]  Anonymous searches for passions yet unknown.          06-06-2002
Hum [       Cl:11       ]  Awax A writer,a poet,a genius,I know it. *Passion*    07-30-2002
Gia [    Sh:16 Wa:17    ]  Cyris, Cyrix-son. Mariner of Passion. *Sinclair*      12-30-2002
Gno [       Cl: 8       ]  Gaia, Gentry of the Passionate                        10-09-2002
Hum [    Ra: 4 Sh: 9    ]  Hakula, Guardian of the 7th seal.. *Passion*          09-03-2002
Hum [    Ma:20 Ra:20    ]  Iggwilv the Passionate Ranger of Holy Virtue          10-31-2002
Elf [    Cl:16 Wa:15    ]  Keirdan, Lady Knight of the Golden Flame              12-18-2002
Hum [    Cl:26 Wa:25    ]  Keller: Duke and Regent of Borea.                     09-25-2002
Hlf [    Wa:20 Cl:21    ]  Lomu Copacabana, Music & Passion always in Fashion    11-30-2002
Ogr [       Wa:13       ]  Nasr is the Magical Fat Head Talking Pinata           12-22-2002
Hel [ Borean Court Mage ]  Pol O'Song. Good Guy of Passion. *ND:8-0*!            10-30-2002
Hel [ Th: 4 Wa:23 Ma:20 ]  Radagast, The Brown: Shifter of the void *Keirdan*    11-19-2002
Elf [    Cl:18 Wa:15    ]  Syne, Passionate Knight.             [Telite]         07-21-2002
Hum [    Ma:15 Wa:15    ]  Taim Passion is not a rule. Its a way of life!        07-28-2002
Gno [    Cl:24 Wa:20    ]  Noixas Brightheart. Knight of the Golden Flame. *PAS  04-29-2003

Requirements for Entry

NOTE: All members of the Passionate should have "Realistic" names, based on D&D genre.
Currently, followers hailing from cities on Borea (the northern continent) are preferred. Also, all potential followers should detail some character history and email it to Tel.

The following are entry procedures for the Order of the Golden Flame:

  • An Unaligned, metal-wearing character may request to be squired to a Knight.
  • Knights may have only one Squire, except for Ordained Knights
  • The Knight must deem the requestor worthy to become a squire, and may use a variety of tests.
  • Once accepted as a Squire, the Squire must be taught by the Knight (Mentor) , and may then be accepted into the following as a Squire, with the agreement of another Knight (or Tel).
  • Squires may not engage in PKs without permission, unless attacked.
  • If it is discovered an attack was provoked by the Squire, they will be cast out.
  • Once the Squire is deemed ready by the Knight, and another Knight agrees, the Squire may be Knighted.
  • In addition to the RP requirement, a Knight must be at least 15th level in a single class, not effective level.

Other procedures will develop as we refine the Mentoring system.
A superior is defined as Tel, your mentor, or a Knight with greater Rank (The Rank system is still in development at this time).
For Non-Knights, all you must do to become a member of the Gentry is swear fealty to the Lord of the domain in which you live.

Trivia/Wiki Mentions:

  • [A Discussion of Passion]]

Additional Notes

Mon Jul 8 18:27:50 2002
To: all

I feel we stand on the cusp of possibility, here. A great devide rolls before us. One side of the devide leads to the rule of might, the quiet knife in the dark, and the status quo. There are those who welcome this path. It's easier. The power gained is tangible, if emphemeral. However, it's the cowards path, the braggarts path, remembered not for who you are, but the clothes you wear. Its fame is fleeting -- there is always a better destroyer. Always.

The other path is not as simple. Its rewards cannot be gauged through a simple expedient like physical power. Instead its rewards are more insiduous, the fame longer lasting. The rewards for creating something cannot be taken away. We stand on the shoulders of giants, as someday others will stand upon ours. No matter what happens if you are creating something, instilling order where chaos rules, law where might is the only understanding, you may rest assured that your legacy is not measured in the base coin of mercurial power games, but rather in the true gold of nobility.

There are those who will mock these words, either because of who I am or because of how I say them. That is fine. They've made their choice. They choose the easier path, the simpler route, the tried and true path to power. They are not who I am speaking to today, for I have as little use for them as they do for me. Instead, I'm speaking to those of you who feel, as I do, that the status quo cannot stand. that this should be a society of law, rather than a society of might. That we need something other than chasing after more and greater magical items to give our lives meaning.

M'lord Tel, in His wisdom, has shown me a vision of what the world can be. All I ask of you, the people of Borea, is to help me in achieving this. Not for my sake, or for your own, but for the sake of those who'll come after, so that they can know the joys of peace that have so long been denied us. I am holding my hand out to you. It will not be an easy road. There will be rules and requirements, expectations and a lack of expedients. But there will also be rewards. Therefore I am asking those of you who are willing to take the harder path, to fight for peace, rather than just to fight, to speak with me, or any member of the Passionate, or to M'lord Tel himself. Even if you don't or cannot follow Tel, there is a place for you in the new world we're trying to build. All you need is hope and faith that we can change the path the world is on to something clean and pure and worth passing on to our children. If enough of us work together, we can achieve a better world. The means are there. I just ask that you be brave enough to grasp them.

Written on this, Marisae the 2nd, the Month of the Deities' Wrath, in the Temple of the Implementors in Midgaard, by my hand. I remain, as always,

Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, by the Grace of Tel, Duke and Regent of Borea.