Great Eastern Desert

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Great Eastern Desert
Type Connection (All (10-20))
Author Natilena
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

Sand dunes and sandstorms dominate this wasteland, driving the most seasoned adventurer insane as they try to get their bearings from the hostile landscape. Terror awaits in many portions of the desert, and care is always required because who knows what lies over the next rise - a sandworm, a city ruin, undead beings, or perhaps even the biggest terror of them all....

General Information/Trivia

The Great Eastern Desert is, as it sounds, a large desert on the Southeast portion of the Northern continent. Notable areas easily accessible from the Great Eastern Desert include: Thalos, Rickety Docks, Lost Pyramid of Scyra, and D'Nal N'Tor to name a few.

Player Provided Information


Map of Great Eastern Desert by Soloban