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Type Racial City (Elf)
Author Sinclair
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Loth-Llorien is the fabled treetop home of the northern continent Elves. New Elves play amongst the tree branches and in the roots of the great tree, often telling of getting trapped because a termite refused to move out of the way.

Player Provided Information

"Not far from the west gate of Midgard lies the outskirts of the Haon-Dor woods. Many tales abound of dark and deadly creatures that live in the forest, from wolves and wargs, from giant poisonous spiders to an insane druid. You have even heard tales of a large green dragon deep in the woods, but surely you will never stumble into its cave. But the most wondrous thing of all to find in Haon-Dor are Elves. The glorious Elven city of Loth-Lorien is suspended in the tree tops deep in the forest, south west of the western gate of Midgard. It is a full service city, with a wizards shop, a general store (where you will find the finest pouches in the land), a wonderful baker of bread and pastries, and one of the nicest coffee shops this side of the river. Stop by the elven inn for some of the finest spice you've ever drunk and some interesting chat with the innkeeper. If you are lucky, master bard Nevyn might stop by for a visit!" -- Drazuk


Map of Loth-Llorien by Corri