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BaconBits (I)
Created 1996
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen February 23, 2004
Followed Oxide

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO lists:

Elf [ Ma:12             ] Baconbits: *Guardian of the Holy Burrito*                      (Molo's Archive, date unknown)
Elf [ Ma:22             ] Baconbits colorless mage of Bisbonia.                          January 24, 1996
Elf [ Ma:25             ] Baconbits EDPL 1.75 ***ON STRIKE***                            March 1, 1996
Elf [ Ra:24 Ma:30. .. . ] BaconBits silly bastard you've got no arms left.[tiger]        June 30, 1996
Elf [ Th: 7 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] BaconBits stole a Tiger Guard from Zanga.                      December 12, 1996
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] BaconBits committing HTML in another window *TIGER*            August 6, 1997
Elf [ Ra:29 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Baconbits:                        *TIGER*                      August 13, 2000
Elf [ Ra:29 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Baconbits:                        *TIGER*                      October 10, 2000
Elf [ Ra:29 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Baconbits:                        *TIGER*                      October 2, 2001
Elf [ Ra:29 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Baconbits:                        *TIGER*                      May 15, 2002

Character History:

BaconBits the mage/ranger knows not who her parents were. When she was but an infant, she was taken from a convoy of elves when a massive army of orcs attacked and slaughtered everyone but the infant elf. She spent a few years suffering abuse at the hands of the orc before being sold to the mighty tribe that lives in Vile Rune. It was the inhabitants of Vile Rune that changed her name from "Hey You" to "BaconBits", something to do with chopping her up and putting her in salad if she aggravated them. During one of the great plagues that sweep the land, she got her chance to escape when her keeper died and she found noone guarding the caves to block her exit. Not knowing any languages but Orc and Ogre, BaconBits was fortunate to stumble across a friendly mage that could understand her. This human smuggled her through the City of Midgard and into Haon-Dor forest, to the City of Loth Lorien. His mighty magic subdued the guards, and at his bidding the protectors of the Elven City took the young girl to the Guild Hall of Magic. An elven mage working late at the Guild fed and clothed her, then began to question her of her life. Satisfied with the answers, the mage took her in and taught her the language and customs of the Elves. At the age of sixteen, she was given the name "Chandra" but she preferred to use her first name, as a reminder of her beginnings. Upon completion of her apprenticeship, she began the long search for power as a mage. Midway in her quest of mastery, the Immortal Oxide, Ringmaster of the Dark Circus, extended an invitation to become one with his family. When Oxide was stripped of his powers and banished from the land, BaconBits once again was left without family and alone. With the help of many others, she eventually reached the pinnacle of power as a mage. Not satisfied with her gain, she began to master the skills of the woods, and became a Ranger. As a result of the many assaults upon her person by the followers of Thaygar, the Ebon Hand, she sought the protection of an opposing god. Baconbits now proudly counts herself among the ranks of Lorna, the Flying Tigress.


Player Provided Information:

I swear that Baconbits had the lowest HP of any level 50 character, ever. I think it was in the low 300s.

Baconbits helped my very first character (Not Katrana) in mud school (back when there was a mud school). BB brought her gear in mud school...probably because I kept dying:/.

Personal Timeline:

  • March 1996: Baconbits takes part in the 'Mage Strike'.
  • August 1996: Baconbits is part of the group when The Executioner Falls.

Player Information: