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Official Information

Archmobs are Mobs with additional capabilities that tend to make them more powerful and dangerous than the run of the mill mob. They come in all three magic class variations, and can be VERY DANGEROUS, especially when hunting!

Additionally, Archmobs generate extra xp on a kill, magical items usable by all classes (Spell Spheres/Crystal Spheres, and 'Spell Crystals', which are how a player can use Archmob abilities.

An ArchMob Mini Quest, or AMMQ, is a contest that god+ will sometimes run for high level characters. (See AMMQ and Signup for additional information)

Player Provided Information

Arch Mob Spells

This special class of mobs have a number of special tricks in their arsenals. See below for a list of arch spells.

  • Inversion: This spell will cause any damage that YOU deal the mob, to heal it.
  • Permutation: This spell will cause the mob to switch hit points with you. This is a spell it usually casts right when its about to die...
  • Hushed Cast: This spell allows the mob to cast in Quiet or Silence.
  • Echo: This allows the mob to cast its next few spells twice in one round.
  • Reaffix Engagement: This allows the mob to force you (or one of your group members!) to attack another player or mob in the room.

Famous Archmobs

Mob Name Zone Arch Type
Bethany Adventurers Inn Mage
the mighty phoenix Nataraja Candlespyre Shaman
Landru Landru's Keep Mage
The Master of Magic Master's Tower Top! Mage
An Efreeti The Volcano Mage
A magman The Volcano Mage
the High Priestess of Jester Knight Jester's keep Cleric
Myrrhine House Velalasier Shaman
The High Priestess of Lloth House Velalasier Cleric
The High Shaman of Gronk Gronk Shaman
Jeshael the Mad Dessert Isle Shaman
A Guildmaster various towns Depends on Guild
The Guildmaster various towns Depends on Guild
Travim the Holy Cleric Mystic Woods Cleric
A blue djinni Master's Tower 2nd floor Mage
Skrai Dismali Lighthouse Shaman
A Drow passenger Te'nayu'ka Mage
Queen Mariel Cillidellia Mage
Shadres Kuroth Mage
Sendres Kuroth Mage
Kalena Kuroth Mage
Carthales Kuroth Mage
Seer of Aran Aran Shaman
dragon sorceress Dragon Tower Mage
Baroness of the Dark The Abbey Mage
Lighthouse Keeper Safehaven Mage
Death Knight Ruins of Ofcol Cleric
Rakshasha The Jungle Mage
Savah Cillidellia Mage
A guardian of evil
Ramona Loth-llorien Mage
Tribal Witch Doctor Cannible Isle Shaman
Champas Bloodbane Mithas Mage
An Ancient Centaur Wintermeet Valley Shaman
Captain Ak'ash'eck Te'nayu'ka Shaman
Baron Marel Castle of Baron Marel Mage
Dragon Mistress Shrine of Neutrality Mage / Uber
Teithi Sacred Shrine Cleric
The specter of the Dauskdraug Witch-Queen DDSC Mage/Acid Breather/MASSIVE
Acorla Sahuagin City Cleric
haunting spirit of a worshiper of Cerebus Hall of Memory I Mage
The phantom of a Drow woman Hall of Memory I Cleric
The temporal illusion of a worshiper of Cytoxan Hall of Memory I Mag
The remains of a worshiper of Ginny Hall of Memory I Mage
the massive phantasm of a worshiper of Okk Hall of Memory I shaman
Odan Village of Skulltop shaman