Wintermeet Valley

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Wintermeet Valley
Type Standard
Author Bliss
Installed July 29, 2002
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information


Map of Wintermeet Valley by Soloban


(Note: Incomplete list)

  • an antelope
  • a large antelope
  • the redtailed hunting hawk
  • a brown hare
  • a bluebird
  • a deer
  • a fat goat
  • a brown squirrel
  • a large sheep
  • a centaur scout
  • a centaur falconer
  • a young centaur
  • a young centaur herder
  • a scruffy young centaur
  • a male centaur
  • a golden-haired female centaur
  • a chestnut-haired female centaur
  • an auburn-haired centaur
  • a raven-haired centaur
  • a centaur hunter
  • a female centaur
  • the centaur trader
  • an old centaur
  • a centaur herdsman
  • a bathing centaur
  • a centaur
  • the centaur smith
  • the centaur bow maker
  • the brush lady
  • a minnow
  • a nasty pike