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In TFC, the following direction types are used: North, South, East, West, Up, and Down. While other MUDs may use angulars (north-east, for example), TFC does not.


When navigating in the vortex, down and south are the safest directions.
If you get blown around, exit down and south and start over. (If that doesn't work, try one west then down and south again.)

For these directions, the first up gets you into the vortex.

Direction Vortex Drop
us Hovelton (took)
uds Nydia
uee Cobblestone Road (To Jack, MoK)
unn Hall of Memory
udenn Aran (Overlook)
udnw Guru (near Gla'shorn - To Jill)
udds Lineoth
uddee Kuroth
uddenn Skull Top
uddnw EmDeVille
u,3d,s The Isle
3u,ee ThistleRock
u,3d,ee Cillidillia
3u,enn Demon Realm (Agressive)
u,3d,enn Scairz (River of Despair)
4u,s Half-Elf camp (Jacek)
4u,e,2n Midgaard
u,4d,n,w Malenest
5u,2e DwarvenHold
5u,e,2n Mithas

Other Useful Locations

Switching Classes

Jill (to switch to a magic class):
Take the vortex udnw, then: ddsd, nedn, eneu, esun, dssw, ueen, edee, need, esss, sesw, usus, cross maze, exit maze and search South and East. (See The Oort Range map)

Jack (to switch to a non magic class):
Take the vortex uee, then: north and west until "SPLIT" then nwuww. Then from the maze, follow this pattern: nnne nwww nsww nssss nnee sss wee nes (see Mountain of Knowledge map)

Traveling Banker Locations

Banker Town Directions
Guido Altibia On the Boardwalk
Guido Aran
Guido Cillidellia Just outside the door to Cillidellia itself
Guido EmDeeVille The Path Less Traveled By
Guido Gla-Shorn’s Realm
Guido Harper’s Landing
Guido Kuroth 2-3 West of the Fountain
Guido Lineaoth Valley A Path Along the Western Wall of Lineaoth Valley
Guido Malenest A Wooded Area on the Eastern Edge of Malenest
Guido Nydia 1E of fountain
Guido Safehaven Tiber Park
Guido Skull Top
Guido The Isle
Guido War’Loov’s Fortress Up by Vortex Entry point, top of the fortress
Merrick Aarakocran City Next to the Revolutionary
Merrick The Bazaar The Bazaar Stage
Merrick Dwarvenhold South-west side of town, near the Dead End
Merrick Half-Elf Camp The Bear Cave
Merrick Hovelton The End of Delving Lane: N 2w 2n 4e from Took Hill
Merrick Loth-Llorien 1N of Thief Guild
Merrick Midgaard City Mint
Merrick Mithas A Deserted Inn (South of Castle)
Merrick Ofcol
Merrick Og An Ogre Hut
Merrick Seaside 2 West of the Seaside Inn
Merrick Skor’lanis On the Mountain Peak (Vortex Entry point)
Merrick Thistlerock A Dark Spiral Stairway
Merrick Valley of the Elves
Merrick Rowengard 1S 3W of Rowengard Temple


Navigating the Ocean/Islands

Outland Frontier (3rd Continent):
Go to the 'Mouth of the Inzerre', which is North of Lake Stillwater. From there: 9n 2e s e -or- 2e 6n e n

Go to the 'Mouth of the Inzerre', and follow the coastline closely. You'll find a south and up onto a beach.

Cannibal Island
From Docks on the Great Western Road: 17s 2w all north

From Docks on GWR: 5s 1e 7s 5e up

To Longship
From Mouth of In'zerre: 10n 3w all north, circle west to the Lagoon, enter, climb the Ladder up.

Rakastas -- ie. Molotov Isle
From Docks on GWR.....s w 10s 5w 4n'

Other Locations of Interest

To Wintermeet
From the GWR at Midgaard: 7s e s 4e n e 2n 8e 2s 2e 2u 10e 2n 2e 2s 4e 5s w 3s 17e s e n e5e 3s into saferoom
Vortex UP S (To Hovelton) then s w n w 2s e 5s w 3s 17e s e n 5e 3s e into Saferoom of Wintermeet

To The Magistrate (Mountain of Knowledge)
Either follow walking directions from "To Jack" (see above)
Use the vortex to get to the Mount of Knowledge vortex drop (U EE), then w 4n u 2n w 2u n u 2n open east, 3e and bounty/paybounty away. For Bribing, go 2w and n of Magistrate and bribe the clerk. BRIBE 2000 (2k increments give the best results)

To The Ent Forest
From Nydia Vortex drop (U D S): 4s e 2s e all north, follow the Lower Tiber River, at the split, go E 2n all west, and follow the trail through the Oaks, at the split UES go 2s, u w d, Valley of the Mist.
From here, 4w. Now mark the room. Drop something, make lights, springs, something. One of these exits will take you to a NS exit room, from there go N. If you choose the wrong one, wander until you find either that UW exit room you came in from, or the room you marked. Once you find the NS room, all north into Ents.
dmg(2) ND held on Oak Tender, svs(-3) birchwood rod on Birch Tender.

To Harper's Landing
From Malenest vortex drop(temple): 2e, all south, follow trail southeasterly direction to town.

To Jacek Half-elf Camp
From GWR west of MG: 9w 8s w s w 2s e (Or just use the vortex drop)

To Kharad Delving (Good low level exp spot, has a cure light fountain)
From Thalos Pass (See Living Lands below): 7w 2u n e open n, n is the safe room.
There are Guards on the main and upper levels, Queen/King and Royal Guards are s w and above,from the saferoom. Smelters are 1lvl below entrance, Miners are 2lvls below.

To Living Lands
From the GWR at MG go 7s e s 4e n e 2n 8e 2s 2e 2u 10e 2n 2e 2s 4e 5s w 4s 2w 2s (Thalos Pass) 3e and then up into Living Lands.
U S in Vortex, then s w n w 2s e 5s w 4s 2w 2s (Thalos Pass) 3e and up into Living Lands.

To Lizard Swamp
From GWR outside of MG : 7s e s 4e n e 2n and east.

Riverdale Plantation/To Snake Temple
From Nydia vortex drop (U D S) 4s e 2s fly 2w all south, e 2s 3e 3s 2w 2s e s 2e 2s e s 4e 3s w 2s w 4s 2w 4s 2e s e 4s 2w s 3e s e s 2e s w s
Now west to Snake Temple. South to Riverdale.
Snake Temple -- 3w open w, w, open s, s, e, n into Queen's room.
Snake whip is on Serpent Queen, it pops to average 8.
Riverdale -- 2s e 4s 3e n is Safe room The Gazebo. Have fun
(If you wander onto "Fading Path" a dead end in "Vines.." or onto a "Jungle Man" you have gone the wrong way, retrace, and try to continue going south when possible.)

Locations of Various Containers

To Adventurer's Inn (Baldrics/brass-trimmed beltpouches/Bethany *shudder*)
Either follow walking directions from "To Jack" (see above)
Use the vortex to get to the Mount of Knowledge vortex drop (U EE) Then w 4n u 2n w 2u n u all North, open N, and in you go.
The mobs wander. Pheather the Aarakocran sports the fashionable Baldric while Merrit the Rogue usually has a fresh supply of beltpouches.
***WARNING*** Only players 35+ with sanc and heals or experienced players should enter. Ruffians and Tipsy Revellers are Aggressive!

Duergar Caves: Rattraps (Also Fishing Spears - a good weapon for backstab)
From Great Western Road outside of Midgaard: All N (into the Inn in Ofcol): E 2N e All North, All East, until you can go N again, N 2w n 3w n d 3-4w s
Kill Dwarven Warrior for the Key, get Smelty Key
unlock south, open south, all South, w, (fast) d 4w u
Head Hunter is in the SE corner with rattraps 1E of him. Fishers have spears - between 4 and 5 mobs pop at a time.

To Egg casings/Sanguina (Vampires)
From Nydia fountain (U D S): 4s e 8s 2w s e 2s 3e n e s 5e 2s 3e 8n and then 2 east to where the eggs pop

Enchant Scrolls

To Old Thalos (Thieves -- 4/4 enchant scrolls)
From Thalos Pass (See Living Lands above) Go All south, w all south, about 7W You will run into Lamias, small aggressive (Evil aura) mobs.
From the 2ns NESW exit room: go 2S and pick the desk, open desk, tattered scroll inside, pops to 4/4 enchant.

To Pyramid of Scyra(Dusty parchment 4/5enchant on the "Old Woman")
From Thalos Pass (See Living Lands directions above) All South, W S East into the Great Eastern Desert.
MAZE ZONE TACTICS -- Head South/East there will be Markers. You are looking for Marker that reads "III" when you LOOK at it.
From there head 2e N into the Pyramid.
Then all East, all North, 3-4West (Get to the very middle of the Pyramid)
then open south, south (Maggots)
Up, open North, N, 2-3e all south, 2-3w open North, North,
Up, open South, South, 1-2e all N, 1-2w, open south, south. Down. SAFE.
One of the rooms to the N E S or W will be the 'Old Woman' (Wimpy mob)
You do NOT want her fleeing into SAFE. Remove weapon and all dmg before engaging.
Clerics/Shamans -- Fear her, let her flee around and around. Once she goes Down, follow, and kill.
Mages -- Mark several balls of light and give to her prior to engaging, then attack, and teleport her away. Portal to her and kill.

The Mystic Woods

Info on The Mystic Wood

to get to Iyrea, Altibian warrior u dd n w in vortex (Emdeeville) 2n 2w all south follow path At the split, 2e s 2e 2s d 2e u 2e n 2e s e open tree and get round key first w, open south, s w 6s "Water?" 3e "Dark Silence"

w s "Blackness"

n "Blind" e " Ward of fog" e "Village of the World"

e "Crackling Campfire" s "Large Wooden Cabin" -- Iyrea Altibian Soldier

From entrance --

south south east to Uncommon View

Open east, continue east east east up south south east south west west to sharp canyon.'

To get to SAFE/RECALLABLE (nospell) room.

Head all North and Eastward in the mazelike rooms.

Head all East into Narrow Crevice.

Then North into an Adventurer's Sandwich.

Both yield "Yeooowwwwwwwwwwww! You could have been killed!"

Then E, will yield the same, 2N (Cave) open west, w (Ancient Trees), w Is recallable.

In case of wrong turn

from "Blackness" e "Fogside Cliffs"

n "Partial Light" n "Dark Silence" w "Blanket of Obscurity" s "Blackness"