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Type Standard
Author Siren
Installed 2x
Location Southern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

  • The zone was installed before 3x and the implementation of the full Southern Continent.
  • Prior to the change to Summon (previously, you could not summon someone out of a solitary room), sometimes players would ask friends to sit in the solitary room and block the entry to Old Altibia, so they could exp in peace.
  • The mob, 'The Evil One' was used by Molo as a DemiGod, for RP purposes. He would switch into the Evil One and gossip, rather than be visible to mortals.
  • Kaern liked to hang out on the Altibian Docks, which is mentioned in the interview, Inquiring Minds Want to Know About: Kaern!
  • Cordir exp'd in Altibia regularly, and when the 15 or so alarms she had dropped along the ocean pathway started going of, she would sit in the solitary room and begin singing (over yell) at the PK'ers until they got bored and left. It was a surprisingly effective tactic. ;) One of her favorite weapons was the ravens claws available in New Altibia.

Player Provided Information


New & Old Altibia: Map by Soloban
New Altibia: Map by Cordir
Old Altibia: Map by Cordir