Timeline of Racial History

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Written by Nayr the Wise

(original source http://www.fastq.com/~rholmes/timeline.html)


The most accepted method of measuring the centuries on TFC is the one used by the Humans. They measure time from the creation of Humankind, or Years of Humanity. Elves use Years from the Formtaking among themselves, but usually adopt the method used by whichever race they are speaking with. Dwarves use Years of Life, a reference to their long-ago creation by Tynian, The Life Giver. Halflings have kept the Dwarven system. Ogres and Aarakocra do not have a formalized system, refering to the number of years ago, for recent events, and giving names to events that they wish to remember. Gnomes also have no system, as the concept of years is one that is new and unimportant to them, living as they do in the unchanging darkness, without seasons or days. Minotaurs and Giant-Kin have taken the conventions of the Humans with which they originated.

Through intermingling of the three main systems some general conventions of notation have evolved. Dates are expressed as a number followed by an abbreviation for the system involved. This is a Y or a YB, for Years or Years Before, respectivly, followed by the letter of the particular system. These letters are H for Humanity, F for Formtaking, and L for Life. Thus, YH refers to the years following the creation of Humans, and YBH refers to the years before.

Major Events in the History of TFC

YBH (Years Before Humanity)

YH (Years of Humanity)

3000 The Formtaking (Elves create themselves) (3018 YBH)
2100 Trolls and Giants created by the dreams of IvoryTiger (Aprox.)
1800 Dwarves Created by Tynian (1888 YBH)
1700 Gnomes, Goblins and Kobolds created by Urdlen
1600 Citadel founded (1670 YBH)
1400 War of the Spawn (1492-12 YBH)
1300 Dwarvenhold founded (1388 YBH)
1100 Aarakocra created (Aprox.)
1000 Ogres created by Maurice (1000 YBH)
The Crossing (Elves come to the northern continent) (1085 YBH)
Loth-Llorien begun as a central meeting place
700 Elves find Dwarvenhold (778 YBH)
600 Elves return to southern (685 YBH)
Dwarves go to the southern, with the Elves
Dwarves split. Half go west, half go east, with Elves (675 YBH)
EmDeeVille founded (674 YBH)
500 Malenest founded
Dwarves of EmDeeVille become Halflings (Aprox.)
1 Maurice creates Humans

Earlier dates are YBH, later are YH

100 The first Orc clans are seen
Ghost Town founded (150 YH)
200 Thalos founded (251 YH)
Amyklai founded, as a fishing village (253 YH)
300 Attempt at breeding Giants as slaves, Giant-Kin created
Giants and Giant-Kin escape while being transported
Skor'lanis leads the escape, and founds Skor'lanis (392 YH)
400 Minotaurs created by mages of Thalos
Amyklai grows, deep-sea fishing begun
500 Southern continent found (521 YH)
Altibia founded (522 YH)
Southshire founded (580 YH)
600 The Kuroth Expedition (612 YH)
EmDeeVille discovered, mild trade begun
The Fortress founded (614 YH)
Caves of Kuroth founded (616 YH)
800 Gla-Shorn's Realm founded
1000 Maurice leaves the realm. Chaos abounds
Ghost Town falls to plague, Maurice scorns it
Amyklai falls to Captain Vahzlune (1003 YH)
Thalos falls to the Minotaurs (1004 YH)
Midgaard founded by refugees from Thalos (1005 YH)
Mithas founded by Minotaurs of Thalos (1005 YH)
Mahn-Tor founded by Minotaurs of Thalos (1006 YH)
Altibia falls to the Evil One (1007 YH)
Intercontinental sea travel is lost by Humans
Thoras is corrupted, common becomes the new Human tongue
High Tower of Sorcery Founded (1010 YH)
1100 Aarakocra of Aran find Gla-Shorn's Realm, trade begun
Seaside founded (1142 YH)
Half-Elves become a true race, and not a novelty
1200 Captain Tiber sails to the southern continent(1218-22 YH)
Safehaven founded (1221 YH)
Seaside grows from a fishing town to a port
Intercontinental sea travel reopened
New Altibia founded (1280 YH)
EmDeeVille discovered again, more mild trade
1300 Ofcol Founded (1312 YH)
Mayor Rasputin expels the Elves from Midgaard (1340 YH)
Half-Elf Camp founded in Haon'Dor (1340 YH)
1400 Half-Elves sail to southern continent(1403 YH)
Nydia founded (1404 YH)
Great Western Road built (1425-8 YH)
1500 Jon Keyotay goes bargain hunting (1513-18 YH)
Lineaoth Valley founded (1518 YH)
Thistlerock Founded, Kobold Mine, Goblins
1600 The Isle is founded (1642 YH)
Bandobras Took, vortex traveler, founds Hovelton (1681 YH)
1800 Malenest Raided by Orcs, Refounded (1807 YH)
1900 Harper's Landing Founded (1907 YH)


To convert from YH (Years of Humanity) to YF (Years from the Formtaking), add 3018 (e.g. 1312 YH, the year Ofcol was founded, is 5330 YF). To convert in the other direction, subtract 3018. To convert from YH to YL (Years of Life), add 1888 (e.g. 251 YH, the year Thalos was founded, is 2139 YL). To convert from YL to YH, subtract 1888. If, when converting, you get a negative number, remove the sign and adjust from Years to Years Before (e.g -1234 YH becomes 1234 YBH).