Ghost Town

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Ghost Town
Author Maurice
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

In 150 YH, on that sacred hill where Maurice had created them, the Humans began to build their city. They named it after their name for the plains, unaware that exploring Elves had named them the Eastern Plains long before. This name is now lost to the world, and the city is called merely the Ghost Town, or the Unnamed City. For a century the city grew, and the Humans grew in numbers. By 250 YH they were strong enough to take their first steps out into the rest of the world.

Then, in the year 1000 YH, came the Fall. Omens and portents had been growing ever more ominious, and doomsayers walked the streets of the Unnamed City describing visions of death and destruction. The fulfillment of these prophecies began with the turning of the millenium, when Maurice, who only rarely now made full appearances, appeared in His greatest temple, in the Unnamed City. He spoke unto his High Priest and his clerics, and He proclaimed that after one thousand years of ownership, He was leaving the realm. The clerics were shocked, and in their horror they reacted poorly. They ordered Maurice to stay, giving reason after reason, not noticing as His gaze grew darker with each new demand. Finally His patience snapped, and with a gesture He threw the High Priest upon His altar. He raised His hand and brought it down, and lightning poured down upon the altar. The precious metals that decorated it sprayed up in molten streams, and the High Priest writhed with pain before shriveling to a crisp. The lightning continued to strike, and with a sickening crack heard across the city, the altar shattered beyond repair. He scowled at the horrified clerics, and sores appeared on their flesh, and they began to fester. Maurice glared about the desecrated temple, then pronounced one last doom: the name of this city, his holy city, most sacred and loyal to him through the centuries, would be struck from the realm, from each place it was written, from each mind that had heard it, and never would it be heard again. Then, glowering, He stepped into the space between the realms and left, never to return.

With His departure, the Human world trembled. The now-Unnamed City was devoured by the plague, the streets lined with festering bodies. Some fled the city before being struck by the sores, traveling to Thalos.

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information


Map of Ghost Town and Forgotten Catacombs by Soloban

The area SE of Midgaard, South of Hovelton on the Ancient Roadway.